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Thoughts From The Shower…

Reddit, that arbiter of all things Internet has a sub called, “Shower Thoughts.” As a bath girl my first reaction was, “Who knew?” Not that I’ve never had profound hit me in the face in the shower, I’ve just never thought to collect them. And most of the time, they involve published books so there’s that.

Perusing “Shower Thoughts” leads to pondering: How smart is the world? Here’s some examples:

“As an adult there is nothing stopping you from turning your house into a blanket fort at will.”

“It must be hard for dragons to blow out candles.”

“The truest example of Pavlovian conditioning is that every time you hear ‘Pavlov’ you think of a dog.”

“Eating ice cream is portrayed as a happy moment as a kid but is portrayed as depressing as an adult.”

“You never notice how much your head weighs until you rest it on your sleeping dog.”

“The scariest fireworks are the ones that don’t explode.”

“You are not actually afraid of being alone in the woods or the dark, you are afraid you’re not alone.”

“A super heavy object and a super light object are both hard to throw.”

“Wikipedia is made by different authors but they all sound like they’re written by the same person.”

“People ask what’s your favorite number but they never ask what’s your favorite letter?”

“The shape of a pear is so unique you can only describe it as itself.”

How about you? What wanders into your brain while water flows over your head?

Personally, I find it funny that each of my cats has a different voice and accent in my head. But not the least bit odd that they have voices and the ability to chat. I wonder why people who can’t spell just go on with their lives as if nothing is wrong. And why is it impossible to make underwear without lines?

Want more?

If you look only at someone’s eyebrows, their face looks completely different than when you look at the whole face.

Why don’t veggies taste better if they are what we need most? Shouldn’t evolution have taken care of that by now?

Why can’t you scream in a dream?

What makes wrinkles?

Do soft talkers know they’re soft talkers? If they do, then aren’t they doing it on purpose to mess with you?

Why are we so tired when we’ve just slept for a bunch of hours?

Why is viagra a covered prescription and there’s debate over birth control?

Now we’re just getting mad. I think we’re not in the shower anymore Dorothy.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts From The Shower…”

  1. Baths allow you to think more, but I can’t help but feel that I am lying in dirty water, unless I go in clean. Which means I shower prior to the bath.
    Nope. “No Time Left for You” as the song says, and my time is at a premium these days.
    Soooo, shower it is for moi. I do have thoughts in the short time I’m in the shower though – some random thought hits and it goes from there. Since my dogs sit and stare at me until I get out, it triggers thought about them. How many words do they know – fourteen, fifteen? Then I feel guilty – I don’t understand ANY of their barks. Are they smarter than me? They must be.
    It goes on and on – in a way and place like no other. Shower thoughts.


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