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Polka Dots and Pleats…

With a New Year come predictions for what to wear from those who do not dress for real jobs, sitting, or living on the surface of the sun. We do find hope, however, in polka dots and pleats. But Lord save us if we are forced into utility jumpsuits or eighties denim skirts. Do what any good duchess does–ignore them and wear what you love.

As long as you make an effort. Add some pearls. How about bigger ones for your ears–the better to hear you with, non? A heel without a platform, a skirt length for your age, a dash of lipstick? Perhaps a new haircut? This girl adopted a tres francais bob, extra length in the front please.

As for sass, we spied polka dot pantyhose that made us draw in breath and grasp our pearls. Generally a hater of hose, these are positively adorbs. They’ll only last a season so don’t spend much or take them too seriously. But they may catch some attention out and about. Polka dots are everywhere if one believes in Balenciaga and Balmain. They’re on skirts, oh so silky blouses and glorious shoes that cause the heart to beat faster.

Puffy sleeves made an appearance last year and are attempting to move to the main stage. Meh. Anything that can fall in the soup is not a great choice. Since the sleeve isn’t puffed and then tight, we might find our elbows hot and wet after a visit to Chompie’s for matzo ball after a long day.

Tiny pleats, however, make us sing out loud. Midway between knee and ankle, or even longer, makes a girl delirious with femininity. Pair with a crisp white blouse and a big belt and they’ll wonder if you just arrived from across the pond. You didn’t leave your beloved royal family for the plebeian life so why look like it? Pleats send us back to those glorious flapper days when we were lean and could stay up all night.

Trench coats, the classic Burberry, are all about town. Right now, they’re perfect for surface of the sun weather. It won’t be long before, it it’s donned, it will be the only thing. Burberry is doing some updating. No. Just no. Burberry higher ups–don’t mess with perfection.

Light yellow is making a splash. Be careful. Only certain complexions can pull this off. If you have very light skin, pale yellow can wash you out. Try a skirt instead of a sweater. Medium and deep tones, drape yourselves in the stuff. Perhaps a silky bit of a scarf to harken the return of spring? Or spring training. Yes, there are advantages to life on the sun’s surface. Can you say Cubs?

Denim skirts? No, no and no again. You are neither in junior high nor in need of mall bangs. Wear a long one and look as grandmotherly as the first time this “don’t” hit the scene. Same for utility jumpsuits. Mother did not send you to college for you to go to work dressed as an electrician. Besides, like all jumpsuits, there’s that potty problem. If you must jumpsuit, make it flowy, crepey and easily on and off–for the bathroom and apres dinner activity.

Like every year, some things never fall from style. Sheath dresses, white blouses, black trousers, two tone oxfords when you simply must flat, and pearls, pearls everywhere. Boys, why not a simple chino, v-neck sweater with a crisp button down and a casual wingtip? Or, drop all your worries and wear a suit, making all the girls fall to the ground in need of a fan.


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