Who Is This Chick?


Some of us embrace our gifts at an early age. I was five when I first recognized that pearls light up every facial tone. That, along with eyebrow raising, set me on a lifelong journey of observation into life’s finer things.

I have a knack for knowing what you should wear, which is the best eyeliner and how to behave at the White House. I will never recommend camping or flitting about town make-up free.

I know where all the forks go; ditto with the armoire. Combining these talents with a love of words left me no choice but to commit my opinions to paper and pass on my knowledge. You’re welcome.


I carried my skills to a twenty-seven year marriage that ended on a sunny day in the woods where my husband died, leaving me with a list of accomplishments and skills few find useful in the work of corporate America. I flailed and then decided to build my wings on the way down. I jumped off the cliff and you can too.

We are the women who rule the world. When did we forget that?  Grab your bag of gifts and take the journey with me. I know all the cool places and people and I’m way too mouthy to keep my secrets to myself. Embrace your duchess.

The Duchess Diaries is the result of a lifetime of writing, working, floundering and finally, landing on my feet with dreams in hand.

About Amour De Ma Vie…

Duchess Diaries began as Amour De Ma Vie, “love of my life,” named for my husband. After he died, there was nowhere for all the crazy to go. The simple blog resonated with women all over the world, morphing into more than chronicling how to rebuild after tragedy.

And it grew! Readers come from Africa, Argentina, Italy, United Kingdom, Singapore, France, Mexico and my beloved Scottsdale. They’re not shy and they speak up, early and often.


Readers asked for more–more snark, more business, more fashion, more girly stuff and more badass bitchery. Wishes granted. The Duchess Diaries encompasses more of what the dolls, and guys, request. It reflects not just my growth but the personal growth, and snarkiness, of each of you.

Raise your glasses, dolls, to a life filled to overflowing with joy, happiness, success and knowing our worth. Cheers!

PS: Not to worry. All the posts from the original Amour site are here. Just scroll back a bit and you’ll find each and every one.