Cancer Chicks Doin’ What They Do…

A trio meets yesterday to strategize taking over the world. Actually–three friends join together at The Quarter to hash it all out and drink some iced tea. One runs a super successful nonprofit and is a celebrated author; and the other is releasing her second book.

That’s how this girl rolls. Be the least successful chick in the room and maybe some of it will rub off, non?

I did get the scoop, though, on some amazing cancer chicks we’ve encountered before. They are part of a2ndAct, our friend Miss J’s, of yellow pants fame, nonprofit. They have a most interesting fundraiser. It’s known as Stars: Survivors Take A Real Stage. Basically it’s eight badass cancer survivors who get up on stage, tell their stories and outline how they created a second act after devastating cancers affected their lives. Yeah. They’re brave like that.

This year, one is a four-time survivor, another a blogger, and another is of “don’t be a chump check for a lump,” fame. They are joined by five other women who take the audience on a journey of humor, irreverence, inspiration and survival. The funds raised go to providing micro grants to other Valley women survivors ready to take their lives back after cancer and create their own second acts.

“Meet the women who will change what you believe about life after a cancer diagnosis,” explains Judy Pearson, founder of a2ndAct. Girl has her own comeback story as well.

This year’s Phoenix date is Sunday, March 18 at 3 p.m. at the Peoria Center for the Performing Arts. Tickets are $22 and are on sale now at A2ndAct.org/Phoenix-2018.

See you there dolls.


2 thoughts on “Cancer Chicks Doin’ What They Do…”

  1. Yeah, like YOU need success shit to rub off on you – you are a HUGE success! And a blessing in my life. Thank you so much for this fabulous piece. It’s been posted everywhere!



    Visit us at http://www.A2ndAct.org!


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