Q And A Time Again…

I was reminded that I’ve not answered questions in a while. ’Tis true my dolls. Here’s some answers…

What’s going on with the cancer?
For the moment, the bitch is at bay. I’d like to say I was a valiant warrior throughout but I did all the things I thought I would not. I barfed all the time, slept a lot, was not able to work and rarely felt very warrior like. The latest PetScan shows nothing drastic so we are good as far as I’m concerned. Gus came out so dancing in the streets is in order. No more feeding tube, I feel much less like I’m walking about with a sign screaming, “I have cancer.” Doctors won’t give out the “all’s perfect” call so I choose to give it to myself. I am happy and healthy. How’s that?
What about dating?
I’m not sure what the obsession is with this one. It is the most asked question. It’s funny; when you’re married, everyone is getting divorced. And people who are single seemed obsessed with dating and getting married. Hmmmm. Widows are in this weird place—still feels like cheating. So, no, I have not been on a date. I remain in love with a dead man. Besides, my flirting skills resemble my twelve-year-old self: flat chested, glasses, braces and babbling like an idiot at any boy that comes my way. So there’s that. And I spent the past year with a feeding tube jutting from my blouse—now that’s attractive!

What about the chickens?
Oh, the sweet chickens. Oldest is still with the financial firm but he’s an adventurer so he’s bored to tears, He’s looking at grad school and perhaps some travel. Yes, he’s still with Baby Pea and she continues to tear it up at her job. Middle Chicken serves in our country’s court system. She most resembles The Norwegian and would die if too much information is given regarding where she works and what she does. I can say—it’s really cool and there are days I am envious. On the other hand, she works a billion hours and has time for little else. Baby Chicken will graduate from Bama-Roll Tide-in May. She has a job in nonprofit and, yes, still has her special southern boy. He’s a sweetie and I looking forward to meeting his mama, The Fab Miss H in May. I just know she’s fab—I can tell.

How can we help?
This one comes mostly, I think, from the past year and that bitch cancer. You can help by helping others when they are in need.

You can help the blog by spreading it around, commenting and sharing on social media.
I love that you send notes and ask questions and love my little chickens. I love hearing about yours and I especially love hearing of your adventures. You’re a funny bunch. Duchess dolls are some of the greatest chicks ever. Keep writing!


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