The Umbrella…

7:45 PM

The Fixer is at it again. I meet with her Mondays and Thursdays and her witchy ghost lingersumbrella with me the other five days. At each twist and turn her magic shows itself so quickly and efficiently, I can barely take it in.

I gain two new clients in one week, confront monsters of all breed, cry, laugh, write her a thank you note in the middle of the night and gaze at a beautiful lace umbrella feeling my heart swell with possibility.

The lace umbrella is a gift. Advisor Girl brings it to me. She bought it in Brussels. She saw nuns sitting in straight back chairs in the grass of a large park across from a famous church. They were watching children play in the park. They have the old-fashioned imposing nun look all us Catholic girls know, black habits and all. Their laps are heavy with intricate lace. What are they doing? They are stringing the lace together and fashioning umbrellas.

She buys the umbrella though rain does not affect her wild witch curls. Something tells her to buy the umbrella. She does not use it. Since 1987, it is around and she wonders sometimes, “What am I supposed to do with that umbrella?” Last week, she brings the gift to me. She says it is to remind me to go to Belgium–to Brugge and Antwerp to write. She believes this land holds some key for me. What I know is when I look at it, I see the future and opportunity. And its pretty.

There’s more…


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