7:45 AM

“There is power in that word,” says The Fixer. Abracadabra. We think of it as “Poof–you’re a frog.” A simple magician’s phrase. Advisor Girl tells me the word itself is Aramaic and means, “I create as I speak.”

Squee. We’re gonna spend time in my wheelhouse and discuss words! Not so fast–we’re going to discuss my words, my inner words and conversation and their power for good and evil.

“Keep your word.” Trust is vital in building business relationships as well as the personal kind. “When you tell me something, when you are wanting to do something, I want a date and follow through.”

This comes when I tell her I used to attend fashion shows just to soak in the season’s fare. Her answer, “So when is the next one? I want a date. Get your butt there.” Then she spins some magic of her own.

“Start flipping through magazines again. Versace, I think, is a good brand for you.” Well, duh. She rattles off designers and sites like Gilt and HauteLook. I’m more excited than any grown woman should be about threads woven together into glorious sheath dresses that skim over my backside. The level of ebullience is certainly not very duchess-like.tiara

“Maybe you have to go to New York or Italy,” says the queen of all things I want. Oh my, traveling abroad for a perfectly tailored suit, gloves and pumps–what torture! I can see it in the window, winking at me, calling me inside, “Buy me, buy me.”

She advises that for now I window shop everywhere. Touch things, try them on. Funny–I’ve been doing my best to stay away. Kind of like donuts. “Get your mindset back.”

She says fear about money holds me, and all of us, back. We are too worried about it. “Let it go and it will come. Stop worrying about it and it has the energy to move toward you instead of away.”

“Spend ten percent of whatever comes in. Make it a habit.” This one she swears by. It’s your choice. Some people give it to church. Some people donate. But ten percent must leave. Her advice for me is to spend it on something I want; to experience that money is nothing more than energy that moves in and out of our lives. When we hold too tight to it, it cannot grow.

Thus the importance of our words and abracadabra. We create as we speak. What are we creating? “Be very careful what you say as it will come to fruition. Speak of what you wish for. Be very very careful what you say to yourself. Say it out loud and it travels. Become responsible for your words.”

“You do not need to know how things are going to happen. You are not in control of how it happens. You don’t need to know. You cannot make a tree grow. Why would you think you need to know how this works?”

The only control we have is over what we say and what we put out there. And our hard work, of course.

Okay, Advisor Girl, here goes. I want a career that is even more than I can imagine. And I can imagine a lot. I want words, my words, to change the lives of others–that kind of work. I do not want another woman to travel this twisted journey alone but to be held up by her sisters and their power. I want a life that’s full and rich and multi-faceted full of chickens and love and joy. And yes, money. Life is short–buy the shoes–thus the money.

Oh, and that little black suit winking at me in the shop on a side street in Milan.


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