Be Gone Monsters…

8:24 PM

We are talking gifts. The kind you are born with, not the kind you give or get. Although thosetiara are nice too.

“My gift is to see your monsters,” Advisor Girl laughs. “So we can heal them and they no longer prevent success.” She scoffs that it could be thought of as therapy. Evidently, we don’t care what’s at the root of all the garbage. We just want to bag it and toss it away. It’s hard work on top of hard work combined with hard work. And look at that–success. Simpler when she says it than to actually do it.

“I don’t give a shit where it came from. We are going to fix it.” Her eyes dare me to argue.

My friends ask, “Is it psychology? Is she psychic? Is she a business advisor?” No, she’s actually a real live witch is what I want to say. Recognizing being a witch is really only attractive to me, I figure that’s not the right reply. She urges me to dig deeper with myself. I dig deeper with her. What is it? How do you know? Where does this come from?

She, who rarely divulges information about herself, tells me of nineteen years in the study of esoteric philosophy and psychology, which baffles me further so I research and find it is the science of the soul, a study of insight into man, creation and the world through the world’s laws and forces. On the psychology side, it is the science of communication between the soul and the world. Whaaa?

Alice Bailey, a pioneer of the study, notes analyses of power, love-wisdom, higher mind, harmony through conflict, lower mind and devotion. Plus a little magic I think.

Some things she says; I have no idea what the hell she’s talking about. Bottom line–she has some strange ability to hone in on how to fix the shit that’s getting in the way. When I measure that by money made, clients gained and dreams manifesting, I don’t really give a damn where it comes from. I do as she says and my life changes.

It’s not just me. Two of my friends–same deal. They hate her. They love her. But their businesses are thriving in a way they never have before. They are more relaxed, happier than I have ever known them to be and they swear it is because of my witch.

So put on your bathing suits girls. We’re jumping in the cauldron.

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