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It’s In The Eyes Gaga…

Can we talk about the look? You know, the one at the Oscars. Lady Gaga, goddess of talent, is all angel singing–the way she did tributing Julie Andrews a few years ago–taking our breath away, per usual. Bradley Cooper joins her at the piano to duet the hell out of their Oscar winning song. And then they look at each other. We look away. Are we intruding on a moment? Yeah…that look.

You spy it with couples every now and again. A look passes between them and you feel the smolder. You just know their alone time is aflame. If I were Bradley’s girlfriend, mother of his bebe, I would have flipped a switch and gone all bitch on Queen Gaga. After I told her how much I love her.

Not that it’s all on Gaga. Bradley seems to lap up attention. He comfortably basks in it. Flanked by his mother and baby mama at the Oscar fete, he did pay more attention to Gaga than the two he brought to the dance. Basic manners Brad.

His girlfriend took it in stride. She was the first to hug Gaga and Cooper kissed her, not Gaga, first. She even later laughed off the comments saying Gaga and Bradley are friends and co-workers. You, Irina, are a better woman than I.

People magazine said of Brad and Gaga, “the sweetest friendship we never knew we needed.” Really? I don’t have friends that make my eyes ooze, I want your clothes off now. With my teeth. Perhaps Hollywood friendship is of a different stripe?

Gaga called bull on the scuttlebutt when she visited Kimmel, reminding the audience that Bradley “directed” the Oscar performance and they were supposed to look “in love.” Job well done. It begs the question: Where were their acting statuettes? And, um, Bradley, can you come to my house and teach me “smolder?” Perhaps it will kick start a dating life.

While we will defend our goddess Gaga to the end of days, can we say the same for Bradley? Hasn’t he always seemed just a bit smug in his hotness? Hot the man is–but doesn’t he have that frat boy douche quality that makes smart girls pass? Just sayin.’ Or is it that he is such a fine actor that we can’t get over his character in Wedding Crashers and his on the edge of cheater persona in The Hangover. Or, maybe, there are just some women of a certain age that give this a little too much thought?

Whatever the relationship–it’s not our business. I’m baffled as to why I’m not minding mine. All I know is the look still haunts me. Seems there is no cure for smolder.


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