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Is There A Whole New Jeep In Your Future?…

Is there a whole new Jeep in your future? According to the latest reports Jeep is expanding production to build new three-row SUVs as well as plug-in Hybrids. The plans include all your favorites: The Wagoneer, Grand Wagoneer and a three row version of the Grand Cherokee.

Those in the know say the hybrids will be available as early as 2021. The three-rows will begin production in 2020. Further plans are to expand manufacturing to create the largest lineup. The Jeep juggernaut continues.

It’s a $4.5 billion bet to build a new assembly plant in Detroit as well as expand five current Michigan plants. Good news for the Motor City–an expected 6,500 new jobs. The budget comes from making room in the lineup at Fiat Chrysler after the 2016 discontinuation of the Chrysler 200 and the Dodge 200. Demand comes from the never ending popularity of Jeep vehicles. In 2018, Jeep posted record sales, an almost twenty percent gain over just the year before. Last year, Jeep sold 973,227 vehicles across the country. Even today, Jeep dealerships can’t keep the new Wrangler on the lot.

Or fave Jeep dealer, Big Al Heggs of Heggs Auto Group, has some on his Mesa lot and they come with the famous Forever Warranty and oil changes for life. Yep, still true. After all this time, I’m still getting my oil changes for free. Of course, I have one of those 200s that Fiat Chrysler discontinued so I get mad every time that my beloved 200 doesn’t have a new model. You don’t have those problems if you’re a Jeep owner.

Fiat Chrysler CEO Mike Manley told CNBC that expanding in Detroit is a logical decision given the company’s facilities in the area and the desire to produce Jeeps in the U.S. “We’re an American brand. We’re proud of that within the Jeep brand,” he said.

Want to get in on the Jeep frenzy? You know Big Al can help. Give Heggs Jeep a call at 844-533-7494 or checkout availability online here. Tell them The Duchess sent you and watch for his red marker.


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