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Book Club Is A Mag…

Summer is over. The Dolls are back in The Dale. It’s time to start Book Club again. With a twist. Always on the lookout for an interesting read, this month I stumble upon an entry that’s a magazine. Kim Minert offers up the new magazine of the online variety that she just happened to create herself. I know. She wrote a magazine. Just when you’re feeling like you’re getting ahead, some chick goes and produces a magazine. Pfft.

It’s worth the read. Kim is diabetic and also has diabetics in her family. She tried for years to get the message out about healthy eating and lifestyle. She’s written two books and talks to groups about health. This month she interviewed an amazing doc and even found a diabetic cat.

Cat lovers generally believe no cat is too fat but evidently this feline, Marco Polo, had a bigger reason for girth than being a gourmand. You can read about him here.

I ask Kim to give us the scoop on how one just decides one day to publish a mag.

“I never really saw myself as a writer, more of a person with diabetes who wrote a book. Question kept popping up, ‘What’s next?’ Messages from unrelated sources started coming my way, ‘You should publish an online magazine.’ Hmmm, interesting. It sounded a lot better than sitting in a studio alone recording a podcast. Never liked being alone much. Better than writing another book, a long project to tackle right now. Instead, I can go interview people, dig into their back story, write about it, and attach a video. Now that sounds like fun. As a side benefit, I’ve been invited places I couldn’t normally go with people I couldn’t normally hang around with. With a media pass. Who knew?”

Who knew indeed?

“With the help of a creative techie friend (I could never have done this alone) and contributing authors, DeRail Diabetes Magazine was launched. The digital format makes it a living, breathing entity, where readers can comment, contribute, ask questions, and share content with their friends. It’s a lifestyle magazine with an emphasis on diabetes, resources, recipes, and more.”

Well then. And what did you do in your spare time this summer? Did I mention the girl’s also a hair stylist with her own business, a mom and wife? Pfft. And I’m sitting here writing this in my pajamas on my third cup of coffee.

Follow, enjoy, read and learn here.


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