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Is It Resolution Time?…

Do I have to? Can you hear the whine in my voice? Every year I resolve to be a better human, make more money, be more respectful of the money I make, create success from everything around me and save for retirement. This year I’ve decided to change it up a bit. I resolve to get, and do, whatever I want.

I resolve to buy more shoes. Happens every year so why not make it a resolution? Santa left me a gorgeous pair of leopard and black suede cuties but they’re screaming for new friends. A classic black pump perhaps? Definitely a plain nude pump that goes with everything. As I do need to actually keep yoga-ing and walking about my neighborhood like I care about being in shape, tennies that aren’t ten years old might be a good bet. But pretty low on the list to be sure. A girl’s got to play to her strengths, non?

I resolve to be more social. I know, I know. But cancer really sucked the wind out of my sails. So, alas, I’ve got to get back on the horse. I need more nights at the dive country bar. I need to become an expert Uber user. So far I’ve got a great rating even though the night of a certain girl’s birthday, I fell out of the car. A Netflix addiction reared its ugly, but great, head during my unfortunate cancer incarceration. That’s gotta go. It’s like those people on their phones all the time. Repeat after me: “Actual people are more interesting.” Right?

I resolve to cut a bitch. You heard me right. Treat me like garbage, expect the same in return. Ooh, that was harsh. Not really sure who so wronged me but there must be someone. Everyone’s always saying you’ve got to cut out the toxic so I must have some. Unless..unless I’ve already done my cutting. One never knows. Just be forewarned whomever you are. I won’t be taking shit anymore. I’ll still be really nice about it. Kinda like those Southern girls: Bless your little ole’ heart.

I resolve to eat more bread. Good bread. Amazing bread. French bread. Chocolate croissants. Pain from all over the world. The good kind. Life is just too short. Where’s the boulangerie?

I resolve to buy better coffee. A recent holiday celebration at a fave Sam Fox spot found this girl reveling in the cafe. What is this elixir of the gods, inquire I? Seen it. Never tried it. I’m adding it to my own stocking–even though said sock is already tucked away. Organization, don’t’cha know?

I resolve to be more organized. My favorite of all. Can I buy more planners, organizers, highlighters, tabs, multi-sized Tupperware type stuff and necklace hangers? Please? Organization makes the heart beat faster and that’s kinda like exercise. This weekend, the last of the chickens flies to her own coop leaving me the bliss of cabinet rearranging and linen closet color coding.

This 2018 thing just might go my way. Cheers!

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