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Holiday Happy…Wheels

Reflecting inward always comes this time of year. As the year winds down we look both back and forward. Inevitably we are reminded to be grateful. Amongst those things you’re grateful for, have you given thought to the wheel? Yup, the wheel–as in cars, our getting around, our mobility.

We generally only acknowledge the ease with which we move about when it’s taken away–flat tires, brake jobs and breakdowns. Only then do we realize the importance of our modis tranportante. So this year, I’m remembering to be grateful, and happy, for the things that make my life easier. One happens to be the wheel, and all it carries.

A little background? The first, albeit sketchy, record of the wheel is the potter’s wheel which morphed into the earliest wheeled vehicles, along with the domestication of the horse somewhere around 4500-3300 BCE. Chariots and the spoked wheel showed up 2200-1500 BCE. But it isn’t until 1885 or 86 that Karl Benz is credited with the creation of the modern day car, as in gas powered, internal combustion engine and four cycles.

Yep, that Benz.

Acquiring a car is easier than ever. Virtually every neighborhood features a lot, filled with wheels. This time of year, prices are at the year’s low, in that annual attempt to rid those lots of the past year’s collection of wheels. No exceptions at our favorite dealer, Heggs Auto Group. Big Al says there’s still choices left on all the lots and bargains are there for the taking.

Perhaps a set of wheels is on your agenda for the New Year. Buy before then and the perks are many. Wait, and you’ll still have that new car smell and the feeling of gratitude of being able to move about from here to there. Thank you Mr. Benz.

What other seemingly simple things make your gratitude list this year?


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