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New Year…New Books

Let’s resolve to become smarter, savvier and deeper in-the-know with our very own Duchess Dolls Book Club. With a twist. Picks are chick authors we know, work with, or wish we knew. Like the old-fashioned French salon designed to make us even more saucy, non?

First up-delving deeper into the death biz. Whaaaa? Turns out one of the dolls just wrote a book digging up (get it?) all the secrets buried (again–so clever) in our little hamlet. The book: The Digger’s Daughter by Posey Moore Nash.

Posey Doll is amongst Phoenix’ old guard. Her family goes back to a time when Scottsdale ended at Camelback Road and they played with the famous, well before they became household names. Seems the world of death and dying is pretty funny when you have intimate knowledge of where the bodies are buried; because you’re the ones who buried them.

The AJ Moore Funeral Home was a staple in Phoenix. Anyone who was anyone, and those who were not, got the treatment from the Moores. Example? The forward is written by a member of a sort of recognizable Phoenician fam. You know, the one that starts with “Gold” and ends with “Water”? Yeah, that’s her crowd. Don’t be intimidated.

Saw her over the holidays. Same hilarious girl I met ten years ago with no idea who she was, what she did or just how connected a doll she turns out to be. Her story invites us in and is as warm, funny and lovely as she. Have a rocks glass filled with something dark at the ready. This is a chick you can fall off a chair with–and be better for the experience. Get the idea she’s kinda funny?

Reader Ross Parsons comments, “If you asked me for my favorite story from The Digger’s Daughter, I’d have to give you a dozen. Four generations worth of fun and fascinating tales from over a century of one family’s funeral business in Phoenix are revealed by the great granddaughter of its founder with warmth, humor and a pioneer’s sense of Arizona history.”

You have a month. Every month around the 10th, we’ll change up the book. Meantime, send over your comments, your impressions and of course any writing chicks you know who may have created a page turner. You can get Posey’s book on Amazon. Here’s the link:

Cheers to a happy read!


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