Holiday Happy…Reach Out

It’s the happiest time of the year…except when it’s not. Thank goodness some things that can make the holidays sparkle don’t cost a thing. The sparkliest amongst these? Love.

Mush mush. Love can be the very thing bringing people down this time of year. A dinner with some dolls without partners brings this home to roost. Be it through death, divorce or circumstance; there are those who, regardless of being surrounded by people the season long, feel alone. It makes no matter why or how someone feels alone. Those who’ve lost a loved one, a partner, a child or parent, whatever tethered them, are often caught unaware. The stranglehold can result in unexpected tears, sadness and feelings of loneliness.

I’m surprised by the voices at the table. Women, big, bold and successful, feeling small and insignificant. One doll tries to explain. “Why not me? I listen to friends say, ‘Oh (insert husband name), will love this.’ Or, ‘I can’t wait to show this to (whomever.)’ and I think, why am I the one without a husband?”

The heart breaks in the listen. Santa may not be able to bring a husband, but we can bring a “Reach Out.”

Is there someone at work, at school, at church or synagogue you suspect may be alone during this time? Is there a young person, new to the neighborhood, relocated for a job, who can’t go home for Christmas? Is there a divorced, single, widowed or “children going to the in-laws” friend? It’s especially important to pay attention this time of year.

Whether it’s an invitation, a small gift, a word of cheer, a card–a gesture can mean so much. Most won’t take you up on it, but those that do will remember your kindness always. So often, we think of big giving for the season–organizations asking for gifts, children without families, people displaced from homelands–that we forget to think small. There are those around us that may need a place to go, a meal, friendship.

It’s a Holiday Happy of the highest order. The joy fills not just your stocking, but your home and heart. Believe us, you’ll be the happy one. When you’re seeking to help in a meaningful way this season remember to reach out. Your new friends may just reach in and steal your heart.

Besides, they may think your crazy old aunt is fun. Or they might help with the dishes. Or bring great wine.

It’s the real reason for the season, non?


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