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Need A Little Demon?…

What’s new for 2018? Oh, not much. Just cars driving themselves, new and improved safety features and better fuel economy.

As we watch homes become more high tech, the same is trending in autos. Start buttons have all but replaced ignitions and touchscreen display resembles something from The Jetsons. If you’re old enough for the reference, you know we’ve come a long way baby.

The Tesla rolls out a car that is virtually silent as the Model 3 has replaced the familiar internal combustion engine with an electric drivetrain. Things in cars, they are a changin’. Are you still driving to the store or are you just telling your car to head to Safeway?

A trend for the more “thrifty” of us car buyers? It looks like, in 2018, there may be a subtle shift from the sedan and coupe to sport and crossover utility vehcles. Lexus reported that in 2015, passenger cars made up 65 percent of its sales. Last year, that number moved downward to 35 percent.

The good news for our favorite car dealer, Big Al Heggs, and his shops? More than one of the “expert” publications have noted the improved performance of the muscle car, namely the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon—which just happens to occupy space over at Heggs Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram.

Notes on the new offering: The Demon coupe features a brutal 840 horsepower. Cars and large trucks are still being powered by V-8s but downsizing is on the rise. What does that mean? It means four- and six-cylinder engines deliver good performance and great mileage; a winning combination.

Feeling the need for some speed and some economy? That’s easy. Check out the cars online here or visit Big Al and peruse the lot. Remember, there’s more across the street.

Oh, and when you call, tell them The Duchess sent you. VROOM VROOM.

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