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Search For Meaning…It’s A Goat

Around the holidays, some can feel a bit down. Perhaps they’re spending time alone, are surrounded by too many people, or the hustle and bustle is just too much. The answer just may be goats. As in Baby Goat Yoga. It’s all the rage, and it’s here on the surface of the sun now that temps have dropped to inhabitable for humans. And baby goats.

Evidently, the little ones frolic about, around, under and on top of you while you downward dog, cat-cow and cobra. They actually frolic. No word on whether little “baaa-baaaas” are extra. Let’s just say it could put a spring in your yoga step. And, during the holidays, what girl would turn down a little frolic?

It looks as if it might take the doldrums out of exercise. It may be just the thing to get us there on the reg. Those of us who are hit and miss in our regimen-can you call it a regimen when you show up every once in a while- need a little novelty to hold our attention. Imagine if they added kittens.

Baby goats leaping and bounding about. Tiny kittens mewing and rolling. Either one jumping on my back during various downwards works for me. Be it baaaaa or meow, this girl’s in. Is there wine? Drunk yoga–there’s a thought. Do calories burn any more efficiently or muscles tone more quickly and heartily when we’re a bit loose?

Anyone else wanna Uber to yoga and give it a try? Yoga plus wine has got to equal zen somewhere, non? Every girl worth her salt knows the philosophical makes itself known when we cocktail. At least when we run into each other in the public bathroom. It’s where commentary is always supportive and everyone is pretty.

“You are so beautiful. Don’t let anyone ever tell you you’re not. I love, love, love that lipstick. You’ve got the prettiest hair. No, don’t cry. He’s not worth it. That Asshat.” Yep, the chicks are never nicer than in the Ladies. It’s the Secret Cavern of Kindness, the Meeting of the Minds and the Come to Jesus Communal in there.

Imagine if we added some baby goats and kittens.

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