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Thanksgiving Fete…Chicks Only

Some women dread the holidays. Truth bomb. Especially the single ladies. The girls amongst us traveling through the world sans children and spouses can feel lonely, out of place and third-wheelish. Two sisters came up with a solution to help those feeling stuck at this time of year to become “unstuck.”

“We created an alternative, somewhere you can meet other amazing women in the same position, women who want to create a new life for themselves,” explains Sister One. She’s the one who gathers everyone and does the marketing. Sister Two comes up with the venue, the logistics and the fun. Did I mention she’s a comedian? Yeah, there’s that. You know this girl doesn’t approve anything that doesn’t involve laughing at life.

They wrangled in The Fixer–remember her? The witch who taught us all about becoming badass in business and everything else? She’ll be there too. So what’s the scoop?

Turns out, it’s at a vacation home in The Dale. Sounds good so far. It’s Thanksgiving Day for the girls over 40, brunch and lectures on Black Friday. Two days with just the chicks. Don’t worry, you can still hit the stores if you must, but why add more stress to the holiday? A few mimosas, some real talk from some real chicks with real things to say sounds way more fun than trampling each other for that last pair of gloves.

The chicks in the know tell us this:

“On Thursday, November 23rd we commence at noon to get to know one another. We have kept the number of attendees to maximum twenty (20) for “small” is cozy and intimate. At 3 p.m. after introductions, Mel Brooks, “The Fixer” will host our Thanksgiving Dinner and then we feast!

We will have heartfelt laughter (remember the comedian?). There will be plenty of activities, surprises, and a guaranteed good time. It will be a celebration of ourselves, of women, and of the holiday. Mel says that we each have to bring a candle, but she won’t say for what.

On Friday, we begin brunch at 10:30 a.m. with questions and answers. You can talk to Mel privately if you have a concern of any kind. If your concern is about someone else, have a picture of that person where she can see their face and eyes, and yes, the picture can be on your phone.

At noon Mel will teach us about the 7 G-spots. Seven? I’ve heard but of one. I have seven? How come no one told me about the other SIX sooner?? Is she going to be talking about sex? “Probably a bit” is the answer given. But it’s a mystery, for insiders only. She won’t say what it’s all about but indicates the presentation is merry and meaningful, much in the true spirit of Thanksgiving. Something about pleasure, gratification, celebration and hmmmm, my guess is it’s about things that will make us feel great about ourselves and our lives.”

For logistics, map, what to wear, candles and such, call Diane at (602) 603 0303.


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