Less Than Fashionable….Move Aside

This time last year found me less than fashionable. Blindsided by the fact that cancer recovery is more than surviving treatment, I appeared less than fashionable most of the time. After all I was moving little more than into a chair. My style was decidedly, chemo emaciated.

Two questions I get more than others (besides am I dating) concern style and manners, two of my favorite subjects. Makes me giddy just to think of comingling dresses, pearls, pumps, etiquette and the holidays. It’s positively squee-worthy. So, for our holiday series this year, let’s talk all things proper, and not so proper, for fetes and festivities.

Oh, and no, I’m not dating. I’m beginning to believe that my talents for flirting, eyelash batting and choosing suitors may have died with The Norwegian. All the better. Who the hell has time for all that when holiday dresses this year are positively smashing?

I purchased a little number for a particular party we attend every Christmas night. It’s a white elephant party. Starts out all bubbly and ends up all stumbly. Happens every year but the YaYas are there so all is well. There’s also styling for this week’s private YaYa gift and grab. This year’s theme? Silver and gold. Picked out my gift to toss in the middle—and, yes, it involves holiday reverie—oh and diamonds. No one throws a fete like the YaYas.

The good news on the fashion front is that this year’s dresses can go short, long or anywhere in between. Same for trousers—high waist, low waist, skinny or wide. Black, of course, is always the most scrumptious of all but why not brighten with gold or silver. Or both?

Lipsticks are deep and tonal, ensuring all eyes will be on you whenever you speak. Or leave a marker on the rim of your dirty martini with two olives.

Ruffles are out and about and lace is still going strong. Who knew? This girl loves a good flash of ruffle—at the end of a sleeve, down a V-neck or, if you counter the matronliness with some curve hugging, at the neck. Note on V-neck ruffles. Depending on the type and the girth, they can add or subtract. Larger topped women will find bust lines entering the room first with too big a ruffle but just enough can minimize as well. Give the many ruffles to the small-busted girls—we need the help.

Curvy girls do best fitted at the top and flared at the bottom. Flared all over creates a tent and, my lovelies; a tent never did anyone fashion favors. The smallest of girls can get away with flared dresses. For some reason, those bitches look even smaller; like a giant dress just ate them up and all that’s left are their stunning gams. Generally they’re seventeen and we’re over that by now right?

Jewel tones make your skin tone shine. Wines and pinks are showing up not only on lips but cheeks as well. Leave your bronzer at the beach and add a little sparkle. When in doubt, more mascara and higher pumps.

Coming Up: party pumps and, if you must, flats; curls and buns; tuxedos and such; and how to behave when Grandma’s a bitch. It is the holidays after all.


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