Cars On Sale?…

We can always count on Big Al, our favorite car guy, to toss the car buying experience up in the air. This time, he’s having a sale right before Christmas. Nope, not waiting to throw all the leftovers to an after holiday blowout, he’s having a Big Finish/Early Start sale this Saturday starting at 7 a.m.


A sneak peek shows inventory at 20 percent off, rebates and some pretty little things that definitely won’t fit under the tree but will look amazing with a bow. Best marketing ploy ever—put a bow atop a car. I am a sucker for this presentation every time.

But, we all know Big Al. Of course that’s not all he’s up to at the holidays. You know this girl loves HEAL, my favorite charity. The Happily Ever After League helps mothers with cancer by giving them money—yep, actual money (gift cards to use however they need) to help them through the fresh hell that is cancer treatment.

It is a travesty that many moms choose to put off treatment, not get their meds or seek out specialists because insurance doesn’t cover cancer’s tab. That’s where HEAL comes in, and Big Al is a big part of the solution.

Well, HEAL recently got a grant to take their game on the road. The project is called HEAL on Wheels, and funding thanks go to the employees at Boeing. The grant is for a vehicle and products to take to moms too sick to travel to the HEALing House. Things like food, non-toxic products and educational information. Every once in a while Lord Hamilton, the most adorable pig on earth, might even make an appearance. The grant takes care of a lot but the program costs a lot. There are more moms in need than wishes granted.

Enter Santa Big Al. I call and tell him what HEAL’s got to spend and what they need. Without hesitation he says, “I’m all in.” Who does that? No think about it, nothing. Just, “I’m all in.”

So he’s searching for a van to help our cancer moms and providing maintenance and signage. The guy sells cars. In his free time, he’s an angel.

While he’s searching for a van for HEAL, get your doll selves over to Superstition Springs Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram and take advantage of the sale. Check inventory on line or mosey about the lot, donut and coffee in hand (they’re free too) to get yourself a new car for Christmas. And put a bow on it.

Tell them The Duchess sent you and see what happens. Merry, Merry dolls.

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