Heavy Heart…

The heart is heavy that the first female president will come only by beating a buffoon. Baffling is the fact that the space between the two is so slim, despite the left wing’s constant crying foul. We’ve heard it all.  She’s a different person if you know her. She’s held to a different standard. Everything, yes everything on earth is part of the “vast right wing conspiracy.” Truth is, she’s a mean girl.duchess-diaries-tea

After alienating voters for some thirty years, she is now stymied as to why she is not embraced as the first female candidate. Unfortunately, many women support a female president, just not this one. That’s not a double standard. It’s democracy.

Ire is further stoked by Larry Womack’s Huffpost piece in which he’s either trying to punch his feminist card or land a job in the administration. He says the real reason we dislike her is rooted in resentment and a need to punish her. And, of course, the jealousy thing. I call bullshit.

There isn’t a woman alive who will argue that we are talked over by men, that men will take credit for our work and that we’d like to occasionally take up all the space, figuratively and physically, in the room. The majority of us have to work within life’s parameters. Not Hillary. There’s a set of rules for her and a set of rules for the rest of us girls. Hell hath no fury like a Hillary if your feminism differs from hers. She’s a bully in atrocious pantsuits. By the way, if we dressed like that, our bosses might take us aside and discuss company image.

Only kindergartners wear bright red, orange and electric blue pants. She needs to be comfortable. For some reason the rest of us don’t? People who wear sweat pants whine of comfort. And Hillary wears pants because she’s too smart for dresses. WTF? Really, in print, by yet another ardent supporter claiming her clothing unimportant. Her image is not just hers. She represents America and she’s supposed to be the best of us. Like it or not, her clothing is important. Just like every one of us who meets with clients, makes presentations and follows the rules to put food on the table.

She’s too smart for all of this, they say. She’s above having to care about clothing. She’s beyond having to conform. She refuses to play. And yet, she plays like a boy; slamming the girls who don’t do it her way, trampling women who get in her way (Monica, Gennifer et all anyone?) and making fun of girls who march to a different drummer than the one in her head.

Way back when she informed us that she, “could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas,” she shaded the girls not choosing floppy ties and headbands. She insulted women, like those Kennedy broads who threw so many teas, they changed the tide of an election or those pesky stay at home moms who formed The League of Women Voters, who until recently ran the presidential debates. She wonders why she hasn’t captured their vote? When people are made to feel small and unimportant, they don’t forget it. When their choices are mocked, they don’t feel a kinship. And when you make fun of what they have to do to “get by” in the world of work, like follow the dress code or listen to endless mansplaining, you’re not one of the girls. You’re in the Old Boys Network.

Last week, I had tea with two badass chicks, The Fixer and Contractor Girl. Our conversation included the Syrian Border, immigration, business expansion, client retention and our kids and their careers. Of course, we talked of the election and bemoaned the fact that our choice is more difficult than ever. One who openly treats women like shit or one who treats women who don’t follow her rules like shit. It may as well be two men.

Perhaps she should have attended a few more teas. She may have earned the vote of all those silly women who stayed at home.

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