Random Debate Thoughts:

Is Melania Trump embarrassed that the whole world now knows she married for money? We all assumed so but after this weekend, we can be sure.

Can Hillary really still believe, after eight years, that the current economy is the fault of Bush?

Locker room banter may cost Billy Bush his job. Robust apology?duchess-diaries-politics
I told Middle Chicken last week that Hillary needs to wear a V-neck even if it has a full neck blouse underneath and move to a dark color to show power and seriousness. The V is to elongate, as she is short. Add a matching shoe, also to elongate. And look who listened. Never looked better—and presidential. It’s matter of image not bitchiness.

What’s with the sniffing? Does he need to move the microphone away from his face? I bet he snores.

Her patience and silence while he speaks is amazing. This girl would be incapable of my mouth not taking off of its own accord.

For thirty years both candidates have dubious bags of crap. Throwing it at each other only adds to the buffoonery.

Go to Hillary.com for fact checking. Okay. That won’t be partisan. Pfft.

Name one positive thing you respect in the other? Smartest man in the room. Thank you kind sir. Can you be president?

Bill glad-handing. It must have killed him to be quiet for ninety minutes.

“That’s because you’d be in jail.” Best Trump jab.

Melania aimlessly wandering the stage alone. The “gentleman” notices his wife is alone and awkward. Not so much. Must be locker room behavior.

Did the color drain from Bill’s face when he saw the girls he’s abused right there in the front row?

Lincoln counter punch? You two do not hold a candle to Abe. Invoke him never.

Hillary had the chance to knock the hell out of a pervert—where was her badass?

This is locker room talk. Sniff. ’Cuz the use of the “p” word is appropriate anywhere. Pig. Compare to ISIS. Whaaaa? Basically, ISIS is worse than me. Okay then.

Hill’s people are cheering he did not implode. The last thing girl wants is to run against a real candidate.

End of the day? Nothing changes. Either way, we’re screwed. Welcome to


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