Stinky Fridge…

Only the OCD girls will understand and that’s okay. Not everyone can live in the crazy. Some people don’t care that there’s a smell in the fridge. They figure whatever it is; it’ll show itself eventually. The rest of us lose sleep over what might be growing in there.
It’s not like I have oodles of free time. I work for a living and I have Real Housewives to watch. I’m also catching up on previous seasons of Scandal since my Jake withdrawal has hit an all time high. Perhaps he’s not such a nice guy after all but those eyes. And the beach.
Twice, everything has come out of the fridge. Twice. It’s been wiped down then wiped down again with Pine Sol, one of the finest scents in the world for a kitchen. Still the door opens and there’s that smell. Can you spray Febreze in the refrigerator?

So desperate have I become that last week at the spa—remember the spa? Where I work? Making sure ladies who spa are having the time of their lives? And those ladies are no longer me? Yeah, that spa. It’s a slow day. I peruse the day’s news and a post catches the eye. It’s about organizing the refrigerator.

Organizing and a refrigerator with no odor? My day is made. Truly, if there was anyone on earth meant to be a housewife it was this girl. The jokes on me with a dead husband, a lost mansion, a condo with a stinky fridge and no time to disinfect it with rubber gloves that have bows on them. Had those when I had the mansion. Really. You should have seen my gardening gloves—to die for. They matched with the set of pink gardening tools and appropriately sized wheelbarrow for my purple and red wave petunias to add riots of color to the pool edges and contrast to the navy felted outdoor pool table—a gift for the dead guy.

Back to the fridge. Recommendations include containers for everything. Boxes for juice boxes. Tall, slim glasses for herbs with an inch or two of water, custom curved wine holders and various suggestions for scent elimination.

Evidently, boil cinnamon, toss in some orange peels and leave the concoction in a small ventilated container in the fridge works wonders. Lemon and lime zest supposedly do the trick as well.

Haven’t tried it yet. Had to work both Friday and Saturday. Now its Sunday—got my nails done, slept in til 7:30, wrote two blogs, caught up on phone calls, wrote four thank you notes, washed the sheets, vacuumed and the chickens are coming over for Taco Sunday. In no time, it will be time to watch Theresa and the Housewives of Jersey. Don’t these chicks know my refrigerator smells? Pfft.


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