Second Acts…

The Dolls had quite a bit to say about their second acts. Remember, a few weeks ago we asked what women were doing with their lives in this “second act?” It’s the after time—after kids, after first retirement and maybe just an old fashioned change of pace please. The subject came up after an article circulated noting that women leaving their “first careers” were tearing up it in their second acts.
One sweet mom we know raised four kids and about a million animals, some blind, deaf and handicapped. Her pets, not her kids. With the kids off to life she fills her days in the foster care system, mentoring and helping young ones navigate the treacherous, and heartbreaking waters that make up their lives. She’s watched some kids get adopted. And she cries with joy. She’s seen neglect most kids can hardly imagine. And she cries in sorrow. Nope, she doesn’t get paid for her time. And her husband cries. Even if she did, there’s no paycheck big enough for all the good she does.

Another of our badass dolls is contemplating taking her radio career to the podcast world. She’s scared, just like the rest of us. This is her little push from all the dolls. Take the chance—the world needs you to share your vast knowledge of politics, news and the views of women. Please give us the news we need—we’re thirsty for it. Go girl!

Another of our dolls added feng shui expert and coach to her resume. Just out of the blue! I plan to have lunch with her this week to get the scoop. She adds these skills to her already impressive real estate biz.

A couple of the chicks report they’re just done. Raising kids while raising a career was enough and now they fill their time with travels and whatever they want. Sorority Sister wants time at her cabin and moments with her grandbabies. My dear Fixer is writing a book and contemplating slowing down—though how she’ll manage that I’m not quite sure. She says she’s just tired.

This girl? I’m writing but opportunities are bound to knock in directions I’ve yet to contemplate. I’m game. Are you? Keep sharing.

Speaking of sharing. New feature dolls. Funny Friday. I hear so many stories from the dolls—Lucy and Ethel at the candy factory type stories. I want to share them. Send in your faves. Funny can be you and your girlfriends on vacay, stuff with the fam, anything that strikes your funny bone. Let’s put to rest the adage that chicks aren’t funny. My dear guys, you can play too. Send in your stories—email to info@theduchessdiaries.com or comment here or message me on Facebook. Best story gets featured on Funny Friday.


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