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Can I Get A Hallelujah…

Fall fashion, for the first time in a while, is looking up. Boobs are encased. Asses are not rotund and the classic pump is back. Can I get a hallelujah?

Were getting a look at monochromes, strappy heels, the end of platforms, structured statement jackets and beautiful outerwear to make the heart beat faster.
Most exciting, for women with no desire to bare their bellies, pad their asses or share naked selfies with the world, is the return of the pump. No platform, no flourishes, just the classic pump. From Jimmy Choo to Target, the workhorse of the wardrobe is back with a vengeance. Add a colored one, a printed one or one with a Mary Jane strap, or two or three to add some flair.

The detail, finally, is on the shoe. Monochrome is a hit. What does that mean? Finally, it means a girl can don her best black trousers (Theory if you need a suggestion—expensive but worth every penny ‘cuz you’ll wear them til you die. Bury yourself in them, they are that good.) Pair that wide leg with a silk white blouse and a black V-neck sweater and some pearls—long or short your choice—and a plain black, stadium or a three-strap cutie in two tone maybe black and rust and you rule the boardroom.

​​Pair the ensemble with a colored bag and you become the ruler of the free world.

Out to dinner? Why not try a white tuxedo or pencil skirt with ruffle blouse? It’s the year to invest in some gorgeous outerwear. In the Dale, that might include a trench with a bow back or ruffle collar in pink or grey. Belt the midsection to show off your tiny waist and normal sized ass. It appears the obsession with the Kim K sized backside has left the building.
duchess-diaries-fall-shoesIn colder climes, wool is key—perhaps navy with a spread collar or three-quarter sleeves with an opera length glove ala Olivia Pope.

Bags in colors are all the rage and they don’t necessarily have to match your shoes. But, because I’m old and set in my ways, please make sure they complement each other to keep you from looking as if you slid from the back of a clown car.

As for your gorgeous face—do whatever you like. Statement lips are fun—burgundies, plums and reds: yummy. Nails are the same. Go darker for fall.

Suggestions, and trends, abound. As always, the key is what makes you the adorable glamour puss you are. Show it off. You know what they say about first impressions.

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