Duchess Dolls In Biz…

Most Duchess Dolls are badass girls making a difference, either in their communities, schools, homes or businesses. A few have some offerings for the Dolls.
Miss Karen, the sweetest doll ever, who does The Duchess’ nails is offering all the dolls $10 off any service. Yep, you heard that right. Tell her you saw it on The Diaries and she’ll take ten bucks off manis and pedis. Getting your
appendages done with her is like visiting a friend. In no time, she remembers everything going on with your kids, your vacay and your life. And she really cares. No lie—this chick checked in every single week I was cancer housebound and helped take care of the chickens. Give her a call at 480-263-1685.
Then there is The Divine Vanessa, who does my hair. She not only styles the best heads in the Valley, she also manages the building that houses her salon. Yep, she’s that talented. Her Salon
Suites on Main, in Old Town, has rare openings for independent nail techs, massage therapists and stylists who want the cutest suites ever. Only a few spots are available. Take advantage of Art Walk traffic and the fashionable clientele in Old Town and grow your business at the same time. Call Vanessa at 480-235-3100 to secure your spot.

We can’t forget our fave photo girl Colleen. She’s running specials right now on senior picture sessions. Her baby pics are to die and she’s also a master at
professional head shots. If you flit about the Dale, you no doubt have run into Miss Colleen. She’s involved in just about every charity in the Valley and she’s a force to be reckoned with. Meet up with her and see what she can do for your family photo needs and your senior year memories. She’s just opened for appointments for seniors. Get your spot secured now. Call Pictures In Pixels at 480-748-1474. You’ll walk away not only with great pics but a new friend as well.

We have to get our mani, pedis and hair done and then we need photos for proof. Why not make sure you’re dealing with a real doll? These chicks will end up on your list of besties. Guaranteed.


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