Pack Your Attitude…

Since there is only so much political banter any of us can stand, thank Sweet Baby Jesus we have the Pope’s visit and September fashion month to distract us. On the runways this year, as always, are hits and misses. Why bother with the misses? We already know we wouldn’t be caught dead wearing most of it. So why not concentrate on what we will actually don this fall shall we?
According to those in the know, bling is back. Can I get a hallelujah? Some of us prefer a neck filled with baubles to the collection of tinies of this past year. How else can we intimidate you? One of the best offerings? Feminine and sparkly brooches. Squee. I’ve already attached one to a super cute maroon dress.
As for loafers, which were everywhere, some were dismal as can be expected. Can you say matronly? No, doll you do not want that moniker. Even if it’s “in.” You’ll regret it in pictures years from now. Like those of us who sported mall bangs in the eighties. As for the loafers—pick leopard print, any print or a two-toned number. Please forego the stacked heel. You are not Margaret Thatcher or the Queen. Go for the classic kitten or flat.

Carwash pleats—hmmm. They’re okay. They’re swingy and fun but they’ll be gone next year so don’t spend too much if you just can’t resist.

Chunky boots? No. Just no. Are you tracking bears?

Asymetrical hemlines made an appearance as well. They’re pretty depending on material. Be careful with footwear. A longer back than front can make for tricky looking pulled together. Go for the super feminine look and you’ll rock it.

In fur, we saw boots and cuffs. Can you say divine? Any cuff instantly makes this girl feel regal. Same with detachable collars in leopard and crisp white. You can never go wrong with a set of crisp white cuffs and collar. It’s a forever rule. No lie.

Gloves, gloves, gloves. Thank you Olivia Pope and Amal Clooney. Thanks to George’s new squeeze, gloves are everywhere. Yummy. Above the elbow—even more so. Classic black is perfection but cream and even pink are divine dahling. Besides, princesses have never stopped covering their delicate grip from all those germy hand shakers.

High waist pants have made their triumphant return. Can you hear the angels singing? They are long and lean and make your midsection look positively tiny. Pair black with a stunning, white silk blouse, a pair of pointy toe heels and your bulkiest bling and you can rule the world.

For fun, why not throw in some plaid? Perhaps you’ve still got it from its last foray. If so, feel free to use it—skirt, scarf whatever. The pop of color is just what the doctor ordered. For laughs there are high collars, ruffles and lace. It takes a kickass girl to pull off ruffles and not look silly. So make sure the day you wear it, you also bring your attitude. You’ll need it. High collars are perfect with those new brooches and you can still wear last year’s lace dress. It has yet to hit the highway. Wear it in a deep hue to any social soiree.

No mention of my precious pearls but no matter. Pair them with a chunky piece of bling. Twist them with a golden something or layer them ala Coco and you can never go wrong. You can even wear them to the country bar with your best jeans—which right now are boyfriend-sized exposing your delicate little ankle.

Ankle not so delicate? That’s okay. As long as you take your confidence, you can do whatever you like. Best fashion advice of the season? Pack your attitude.


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