Who Is Emi?…

How much do we love a girl who wants to change the world?

It’s always fun to hear from Publicist David. He’s in the chicken collection I did not birth. This cutie and I worked together a few years ago. He has an eye for picking trends and advising his old boss about who’s who and what’s what in the fast paced world of LA publicity.
This time he says, “Linda, this is right up your alley.” Color me intrigued.

David’s company is introducing Emi to America. She’s the real deal. And so is Publicist David, who was still in school when we worked together. I’m clucking like a proud mama. He’s working for TLK fusion, a company that handles, among others, Ray J. You know, the other half of the sex tape that launched the Kardashian empire.

So they happen upon Emi, who is a humanitarian changing the world at 21. What she wants is to spread awareness on issues like poverty, cyber bullying and equality. She has over 300,000 followers on twitter and 30,000 facebook likes. She’s got endorsements with Casio and Swans and is a singer and actress. Is she a real girl?

Her followers contact her for advice and guidance. She gained notoriety when she recently talked down two suicides. She has been named one of the youngest influencers to tackle social justice.

She was born in Japan but now lives in Miami. Her work with Japanese Pop group Faky can be heard on her website http://www.emiwebsite.com. Over the next year she is poised to begin collaborating with other notable artists across the United States, including fashion designer Princess Love. Her partnership with organizations like Caring Minds Treatment Centers (www.caringmindstc.org) strengthens her commitment to love, peace, and equality.

“My top causes involve children, teens and animals we share the planet with,” she tells PUMP magazine. “I am hoping to shine a shared light on bullying and the worldwide spread of cyber-bullying. I want to let each child, teen, young adult and older that no one can dull his or her shine. I am Emi For You and that means you are never alone.”

“My other passion of cause is to protect the animals that we share the planet with against inhumane conditions and abusive treatment.  We need to balance and respect our planet and all the gifts that exist here through nature.” 

How cool is this girl? And now she’s here in the US. There is no agenda, besides changing the world for the better? I, for one, am amazed.

I tell non-biological chicken David that I will pass the word along. For once, those of us old enough that we don’t get all our news from social media now have news as fast as those in the twitter sphere. Be on the lookout dolls. Watch for Emi. This girl is lighting the world on fire.

And for once, us old girls have the inside track. As it should be.


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