Car Of The Month Is A Ram…

Our favorite car guy, Big Al, declares this month truck month at Superstition Springs. Ram trucks are the most popular trucks out there right now and Big Al thinks you need one.
Ram trucks are known for being the work and play trucks—strong enough for work and fun enough for play. They also happen to be pretty enough for everything else. Right now there are manufacturer deals on the lineup but Big Al’s got additional savings and the Forever Warranty. Any new truck purchase also includes five years of free oil changes. Yep, free. See why we like him so much?
Should we take a look at some trucks? How about the 1500, 2500 and 3500. They look good enough for your best guy to be in the drivers seat.  It’s a pretty macho truck. It’s also one of the first trucks to feature a quad cab and luxury features.

Today’s Ram 1500 was first introduced in 2009, with a new interior and coil-rear suspension, creating better handling and ride. That means, boys, you can take it on a date. It can either be a work truck or a leather luxury showboat, as can all the Ram Trucks.

The 1500 features a 305-hp 3.6-liter v-6 standard but a Hemi V-8 is also available. You can also choose either rear- or four wheel drive with a smooth shifting eight-speed automatic. The two-door body style is increasingly popular.

For 2015, Ram introduced the Rebel package for the 1500. It includes trail ready equipment like 33-inch tires, new skid plates, tow hooks and air suspension that raises the height by one inch.

As for the 2500 and the 3500, the slew of awards is most impressive. Four Wheeler magazine named the Ram 2500 Power Wagon the “2012 Pickup Truck Of The Year.” Editor John Coppa said, “The Power Wagon crawls over the most difficult risky terrain as easily as it speeds over rough dirt roads or commutes on smooth highways.”

The 3500 was named Best In Class Payload at 7,390, Diesel Torque with 865-lb per foot and 30,000 pounds diesel towing.

Off-Road Adventures magazine named Ram brand its Manufacturer of the Year, calling the trucks, “One of the most innovative lineups of full-size trucks on the market… with great looks, refined interiors and durable engines.”

So why visit Big Al? He’s got deals. He’s the most fun buying a car ever and Superstition Springs Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram offers a lifetime power train warranty. Call them at 866-821-4460 or check out what’s available on the website http://www.supercj.com. Tell them the duchess sent you and see what happens!


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