Is Your Super Bowl Team Set?

The big game is two weeks from today. Is your team in place? By that I mean, obviously, your invites are out. Oh, dahling, get on that. You’ve planned your cocktails ‘cuz that’s way up there on the list. But what about the food? Will it be little appies or a full-blown meal? Why not toss the headache and have someone make the decisions for you? Sounds like heaven to us girls for whom water burning is an art.

Yesterday, I meet Chef Christine. I speak with her earlier in the week. I want her to become the Duchess Diaries resident foodie. We agree to meet and what I encounter is the sweetest, most gorgeous thing ever. Oh, yeah, she’s also a model. For some, life is a difficult walk. Talent pours forth and gorgeous sneaks out in between. Poor girl.

chef christine

The foodie talent is just as pretty. She sent over photos. Yum. And, bonus, she’s available for the big game. She has clients all the day before and a “drop off,” which basically means she prepares, you serve. Whether you claim it as your own is up to you.

I’m picturing this. Your house. Chef Christine milling about the kitchen, creating crudité beyond compare and morsels that make you a star. You sit back and enjoy the game this time. No worry, No muss. No fuss. Yep, she cleans up as well. Le sigh.

I question her further—in the way I know Duchess readers want to know. Get the low down. She’s a newlywed—four months. Squee. She attended Scottsdale Culinary School Le Cordon Bleu. She is a personal chef as well as caterer, either corporate or residential. She’ll fly to your event if need be. I know right? Can I stick her in my back pocket and she can whip up a salad wherever we go. That’s a lie. We all know I hate salad. Does she make homemade bread? Uh, yeah. She loves creating meals for families—just normal food.

chef christine appetizers

She handles birthdays, showers, anniversaries, date night intimate dinners, wedding receptions, graduation, dinner parties, fundraising events, brunch, corporate affairs, cocktail parties, men’s corporate events and funerals. And, by handle, it’s the whole thing or as little as you like. You just want the food—no problem. You want everything from soup to nuts to flowers, to clean up to presentation. Check, check and check. Oh, and, bonus—she also does the shopping!

Chef Christine Feeds Us

The girl catered an event at the State Capitol for the Dedication of the Arizona State Flag found at Pearl Harbor. She’s lead wine tasting for a hundred. She’s taught cooking classes for little ones. There’s a party idea. I stalk her Facebook and find granny smith apple and Italian sausage stuffing, making cheese choices and the proper keeping of avocados. Really, can she just move in? I also spy such staples at chicken pot pie and game day Greek dip.

Which brings us right back to the game. You know you want to put your feet up, have a custom made cocktail and just enjoy the game. Chef Christine is your girl. Call her 480-390-6980—do it now. You’ve only got two weeks. Email her at cuisinechefchristine@gmail.com and visit her Facebook page. Here’s the link. People rave about her on Linkedin as well.

I checked her out so all you have to do is dial the digits! Tell her The Duchess sent you. There’s a prize in it for you.

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