Help A Sister Out…

In the past few days, I find myself explaining Duchess Diaries to the uninitiated. A light bulb blinks above my head, “Not everyone’s been here from the beginning. Some people don’t know the deal.”

So, here it is, short version.

duchess diaries, google number one

Started a blog after The Norwegian (the dead husband) died. There was nowhere for all the crazy to go. The crazy ended up on paper. It grew pretty quickly, attracting people from all over the world. Whaaa? I know right? The bulk of readers are here, my beloved Scottsdale and Phoenix. Keeps growing and now we’re at 35,000.

I meet The Fixer and she says, “If you could do anything, what would it be?”

“This.” say I. “If what I write could help others and pull my butt out of the fire, I’d be a happy camper.”

It takes a good deal of her challenging me. But I do leap from the cliff and begin to write full time, keeping my PR clients—the ones I like. Boost PR is born. Boost is the parent company of The Duchess Diaries. ‘Cuz you’ve got to have a company. Who knew?

We take Duchess Diaries to the big time—a website, with advertising, expanded conversation and love of snark, business and sassy chicks. Lo and behold, it grows some more. We move from the second page of Google search to the first. Yay. Wait, it gets better.

For about a month, we sit at number four, and then number two. I check yesterday and The Duchess Diaries is number one on Google search. See the photo at right! Squee. We’re in the big time now! It means, basically, that readers visit everyday, they are constant—good for the Duchess, good for advertisers.

Not so fast. It needs to keep growing. That’s where the sisterhood comes in. The magic of Duchess Diaries is the number of people, businesses and services it links together. This one uses that one’s recommendation and this chick tells another chick in Wisconsin or Maine or Alabama and pretty soon, everyone’s businesses are growing.

And isn’t that the point? Isn’t one of our favorite sayings that there is enough for everyone? That if every one of us is as successful as our wildest imaginings, there still is enough for the next guy.

So, how can you be a part of the growth? Recommend the blog to ten friends you know would read and love it and tell them to spread it along. New friends?—Tell me you’re here. We’ll have a contest or prizes or something. Who doesn’t love prizes? My deepest wish is to watch this group of kickass women, and my guys, get bigger, help each other more, elevate each other’s businesses and toast each other with a big, badass dirty martini.

Advertise. There is room. Space is limited but there is room for products, services, restaurants, your talents, your inventions. It’s a targeted market—already culled to the chicks that buy, make the decisions and are old enough to know what they want, how they want it and they’ll pay. Send an advertiser and The Duchess will make it worth your while. Things are happening fast—I want all my duchess’ in training to share in the wealth!

Help a sister out—the one sitting next to you, waiting on you in a restaurant, standing behind the counter at your favorite shop, at the doctor’s office, at the grocery store. Because, my dolls, the bigger the circle, the more room there is inside.


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