It’s Closet Cleaning Season…

’Tis the season to clean closets and organize Tupperware. Let us rejoice and be glad! For those who thrive on predictability and the knowledge that Good Wife and Downton Abbey return to Sundays and Olivia is back in all her badassness on Thursdays, all is well.

The Chickens head back to school. With them they take stray cookies, candies, sleeping until the afternoon and my heart. But thank God they’re gone. Now I can organize my bras.

I can again relish 6 a.m. alarms and clothes hanging neatly in rows light to dark, sleeveless to long; no surprises. No pink silk jutting out of the black short sleeve section or black boots tossed in with the browns. I can plan my days carefully the night before, know by Wednesday whether I will attend Friday happy hour and post my to-do list on the wall.

peeka too

Yep, on the wall, right next to my desk. Divided into three colors: green for things that involve finance or money, blue for clients and pink for things; as in new socks, a hair cut and tan chinos that can pass as dressy casual. Neat little post-it notes outline my life, not just for this week but the next three months. Beware the businesses on my hit list!

There are things to add to 2015’s to-do list and failures from 2014 to contemplate and lesson cull. Squee. Failure, after all, is in the eye of the beholder.

Herschel Walker’s coach said he was too small for football. Every movie studio rejected Star Wars when then tiny 20th Century Fox finally snapped it up. Twenty-five publishers turned down Gone With The Wind, the novel. Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper for a lack of ideas.

If we follow the same logic, a year featuring an ever-expanding ass, Bama losing in the first playoff ever, proposal rejections and losing my best silk scarf at the dive country bar, my life is about to turn big time. Fame and fortune are just around the corner.

If I can just remember to clear the clutter from my desk each day, write a new book, garner additional clients, meet with producers, grow the website, secure new advertisers, increase my twitter following, become a Linkedin influencer, lose some weight, figure out a low side bun and not leave the house without lipstick, I’ll be right on track when 2015 comes to an end.

Predictable feels good, non?


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