New Year Advice From The Duke of Cars…

Eyes On The Road In 2015

There will be many distractions on the rode in 2015, and thousands die each year as a result. Are you a distracted driver? Do you understand and follow the rules of the road? Here are the most infamous distractions for drivers inside and outside of their vehicle that you should avoid. Listen to the Duke and you’ll be safe in the New Year!


Put Down Those Pesky Contraptions
Just because manufacturers make high-tech gadgets you can play with while driving doesn’t mean you should. IPod adapters and navigation systems can be deadly devices in the wrong hands.

Stop Rubbernecking
It’s hard not to be distracted by accidents or road construction, but it is important to keep your eyes on the road or the next accident may be cause by you.

That Call Can Wait
Just because the phone rings while you’re driving doesn’t mean you have to answer. Talking on the phone has lead to thousands of car accidents over the years. Hands-free headsets appear to reduce some risk but it is still an issue.

One of the most dangerous distractions on the road are driver’s who aren’t thinking about driving. Whether it’s thinking about a bad day at work or getting lost in the thoughts of a significant other, daydreaming is a huge distraction.

Texting/Updating Social Media
Nothing has caused more recent distractions to drivers then the occasional “On my way” text or Facebook status update. Police have even begun to hand out tickets to drivers who are spotted texting while driving. So cut it out!

As we take the necessary steps to keep safe on the road, it’s important to remember that driving a quality vehicle is very important. Come by Superstition Springs Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, where we have a massive inventory and great deals on quality new and pre-owned vehicles just in time for 2015. Come in today and ask for me, The Duke of Cars, or give us a call us at 877-297-7765.


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