The Twelve Days of Holiday Gratitude…Day Seven

9:10 PM

Day Seven…Santa’s Helpers

There are people in our lives who make the world twirl about in its rightest form. They are the ones who get us, challenge us, change us, need us and love us. And then there are those who help us. Santa’s helpers are with us all year; not just when the bells are ringing and the cheer is cheering.

Although sometimes it might take a jingle bell to the head for us to remember there is very little we accomplish alone.santa hat

What about the neighbor who so loves your dog she stops to chat and make his tail wag? Or the other neighbor who pauses to coo at your little white cat sitting atop the balcony edge glaring down at her little dog.

What about your long time hairdresser or nail tech—the girls who knows every one of your husband’s bonehead moves and the fact that your kid had to do community service, and not the good kind. She could write a book about your family’s antics from year to year, but thank Sweet Baby Jesus, she doesn’t.

What about the people who work in the shops you love? Like the girl at Anthropologie who knows the candle for which you search and exactly where it is, since every single time, the Aloha Orchid is in a different place and container. Just last week she even feigns deep disappointment that the signature scent is not available in anything other than original blue, which matches nothing, until after the holiday. Pfft.

At The Duchess Diaries, we wouldn’t be us without The Fixer, The Duke of Cars and our new financial advisor whom you’ll meet in a few days. I know, squee. Also upcoming: a beauty advisor and skin care specialist. I’ll continue with the snark and shrimp fork placement. You’re welcome. Not to mention the peeps on The Finest List.

Get your food and drink on at Buzzberry. List or buy your home with our fave realtor Sonja Matson. There’s still time for a new car. The Duke can get you set up. Karen Morande, my ChiTown sister, can create some glittery nail confection for New Year’s. And your adorable granddaughter needs some duds from Baby Lux. Start the year off right with a new website custom designed by Websrefresh.

My thanks teacup runs over with gratitude for the people who are taking the journey with The Diaries. We hope we fill the niche for fun and entertainment. And snark. And proper pearl placement. And shoe choice. The aim is simple. Be that bitchy girlfriend who actually says out loud what everyone is thinking. So far this year, check.

2015? Asshats beware.


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