Tips From The Duke: Winterizing Your Car

4:51 PM

Slick roads and freezing temperatures will soon be knocking at our doors and car windows. The icy conditions can take a toll on your precious vehicle. But you’re in luck my friends, The Duke has a few simple tips to winterize your vehicle and guardBig-Al--Image your car against the cold.

Stay Fluid
Cold weather is not kind to the fluids in your car as oil has a tendency to become thick and sluggish in cold weather. Switching to a thinner type of oil before the weather hits will do wonders for the performance of your vehicle. Have the coolant filtration pumps checked and replace them if they turn out to be dirty. Be sure to refill the windshield wiper fluid with liquid that freezes at lower temperatures. OH!! And if your wipers are worn down, replace them immediately.

Get a Feel for Your Wheels
If your tires haven’t been replaced in a while, they could be unsafe for driving on icy roads. Switch out your worn down tires for tires that are more durable and are made to handle snow and ice. Always be sure to check your air and tire pressure as well.

Safety First, And Last

Winterizing your car won’t do you any good if you’re an unsafe driver. Be very cautious as you drive in cold weather, especially at night. Avoid distractions such as talking on the phone, texting, and radio surfing.

Get Your Kit
Emergencies can happen. You should ALWAYS be prepared. Here is what you should include in your winter emergency kit:

Warm clothes (don’t forget the gloves)
Hand warmers
Ice Scraper
Tire-changing tools
Cat litter (to create traction if you’re stuck in the snow)

Come See The Duke
Winterizing your vehicle can seem like a daunting task, but they don’t call me The Duke of Cars for nothing! Bring your vehicle to the Superstition Springs CJDR service center and let us take care of you! We have the tools, knowledge and experience to keep your car running smooth as you brave the elements as the weather changes. Also, The Duke can do more than just service vehicles. We have a massive inventory and great deals on quality new and pre-owned vehicles just in time for the holiday season. Come in today and ask for me, The Duke of Cars, or give us a call us at (877-297-7765)


1 thought on “Tips From The Duke: Winterizing Your Car”

  1. Thanks for the tips. And a Montana girl knows them well. Funny thing happened when I first moved to AZ. Someone asked me what the cord was hanging from the front of my car. I said matter of factly, “Its a head bolt heater.” Yep. They had no idea that you have to plug in your engine at night just so it will start in the morning after a night of v


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