Now It’s Your Turn…

8:45 PM

Ever wish you could create the posts? With so many changes at The Duchess Diaries, reader engagement is vital for what’s Candles-candles-517649_800_622next. Besides, you guys are such an opinionated bunch. It’s not like you’re shy. I hear from you privately. Now take it public. Say what’s on your mind. Hit the comment button and start dishing. Here’s what’s percolating on this side.

A Christmas/Holiday Guide: Do you have fabulous recipes, decorating ideas or traditions you’d be willing to share? Send in photos and they might be featured. But, beware, Duchess readers know good taste when they see it. So don’t get all grinchy if someone proves a copycat. Remember what they say about imitation.

For the holidays, I’d also like to feature the best service, shops, products and the like. There is limited ad space so all is on a first come first served basis. As with all the Duchess ads and endorsements, if you guys don’t like it, or you have a bad experience, it’s done. Creating a trusted network of where to go, eat, shop and spend is the ultimate goal. Along with a healthy dose of snark to keep everybody in line. You’ve got a business and you want to promote something? We’ve got special holiday rates. And 35,000 readers are right in the area my dolls.

We’re bringing in a car guy. I know right? He’s going to school us on taking care of our cars, maintenance, trends and all things auto. Aren’t we lucky? I’m also in the final stages of hunting down a finance guy for us. He’ll give us financial advice for retirement, savings and savvy money management. I warned him we like to shop so buying shoes must fit in the budget. I believe a dear friend is going to be the one–finalizing with his peeps as we speak.

Do you have advice for your fellow readers? Share, share, share my friends. Always make sure you send in photos. Everything is better with proof, er, pictures. If wine is involved, so much the better. Make sure to pass on the vintage. I’ve done amazing things with Scottsdale Grey Goose sales. I wish that was a lie.

Some thoughts to get you started:

Who makes the best Thanksgiving dinner? Do you make the best gravy? How about cranberry sauce? Best gift wrapper? Have you found the perfect hand cream? Photographer? Dry cleaner? Carpet cleaner? Handyman? Electrician? Dentist? Why not find out from people you trust who’s the best of the best? And screw the rest.

Just like you guys tell me…post early and post often! Love you dolls.


2 thoughts on “Now It’s Your Turn…”

  1. Best photographer — Stuart Thurlkill, Eyes to See Photography. Hands down!! He’s done amazing things with an older woman–who shall remain nameless–in both her wedding and back-of-the-book photos. Anyone can take a good pic of a lovely in her 20’s. Pfft. He’s up for a challenge. http://www.eyes2see.com


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