Cinnamon Buns and Bra Straps…

7:32 PM

Turns out, my dolls have lots to say, share and recommend. Today’s finest comes from Our Favorite Redhead and our favorite neighborhood joint. It’s a story of cinnamon buns and bra straps. Sounds like a day in the life, non?

Our Favorite Redhead, a regular follower, first sends us a hint for pumpkin pie. While the hint is impressive, she also feels it important to share a missive concerning a new bra. So the pie is a do and the bra is probably a don’t.

Seems Redhead, fiery as ever, is in need of a strapless bra for an upcoming event. As she attends just about everything, the mind reels that she doesn’t already own such a thing. She orders online as shopping is not her favorite. Although she does always have good shoes, don’t fret. The strapless bra arrives today via post and she decides to give it a try. Good thing.

Placing brassiere securely where it should fit, it falls to her waist. Oh my. Try again. Falls to her waist. She arranges the straps just so to keep the bra secure and the girls hidden under a strapless dress. As she attempts to thread the straps into microscopic openings, the phone rings. As any chatty girl knows, it may be a friend in need. Goes back to the bra, get the hooks into the little openings and can’t get them loose again. Phone rings again.

This is all with bra still akimbo on her body. The girls are getting a bit nippy. Redhead reports that after nearly strangling herself she gets the contraption to work and will wear it to the upcoming gathering. I assume the note is to forewarn us, “I’ll wear it. I hope I don’t have a blowout.” Cover your eyes.

Oh, and her pumpkin pie hint: “For the best pumpkin pie, eliminate two tablespoons of evaporated milk and add two tablespoons of Jack Daniels; a sip is acceptable.” The friendship makes sense now right?

In other holiday news, Duchess readers report it’s Buzzberry’s Cinnabuzz rolls and the hawaiian rolls that are the bomb for holiday dinner. To me, they’re perfect because they’re made from scratch and not by me. And, yes, these are the same hawaiian rolls used in the famous chicken salad sandwiches that make you fall on the floor and die of yum.

You can pre-order for Thanksgiving dinner all the way up until noon on the 24th. The crew is there on Thanksgiving Day until noon for pickup. Buzzberry and Bistro is at Granite Reef and McDonald in Scottsdale.

How about drink recipes for Thanksgiving? Now, those I can make from scratch.


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