Snap, Crackle, Pop

10:32 PM

Did you ever notice when women get together, things just crackle? Whether that’s good or bad depends on who’s in the room. Either way, it’s snap,crackle, pop.

Spending more time than I should shadowing Alicia Florrick. Remember? The Good Wife took over my viewing pleasure a few weeks ago and continues a stranglehold on my spare time. The fascination is in watching a woman whose life is blown peeka tooapart piece together a new reality for her children and herself. Ding-ding. Sound familiar?

Those of us with knowledge of the life blown apart variety know all too well the path is generally two steps forward, one step back. Just when a problem is solved another presents itself and yet another. It’s no different from anyone else’s life, excepting the blown apart part that scatters the brain and tips everything on its head.

I tend to think it’s women in dire straits–single mothers, divorced, widowed, abandoned in some way, who fight the good fight, like Alicia. And then last week I meet a group who are mostly married, happily, and still they are searching, striving, stirring it up, looking for more. Is it a part of the female brain to reinvent?

A Board of Directors, Scottsdale ladies, recently formed an alliance to provide better benefits to women not just in Arizona but nationwide. Their eventual plan includes global help. They’ve been ridiculed that their plan is too grand, too far reaching, too impossible. They’ve taken heat for their backing and who they’ve included in their project. But better benefits for women and their children? Even if these ladies fall short of their loftiest goals, lives will change. Doesn’t that spell greater good?

Got word just tonight from a dear friend and education activist. Two young men in Phoenix banded together to recall results of a recent election. The pair took to social media and within an hour garnered support in the thousands. Girlfriend informs her list of gal pals, “We have two young people ready to tilt at windmills. How can we help?” And the battle cry goes out.

“Their task is to gather 350K plus signatures. Seems daunting, but sometimes the folly of youth reaps benefits,” she says.

And we are reminded that it is the risk, the audacity, the jump off a cliff soar that makes things happen. Alicia would be proud.

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