Snippets From A Day…

BLUE BLOUSEPut a group of entrepreneurs in an executive board room with The Fixer, mix well and see what happens. I love to see the reactions of others to her strange wisdom, gifts, insights and blunt conversation. There are some wide eyes, some doubts and, no doubt, some soul searching.

Each person has an idea, a plan, a vision of what it is and where they’re going. Or where they don’t want to go any longer. It is indeed fascinating to see we all want things that are so different. How can we possibly believe there isn’t enough of everything to go around?

No doubt there is some businesses expansion and refinement going on in living rooms tonight. Provoking thought was on the menu as was a lovely tomato bisque, roasted chicken with risotto, vegetable coulee and a mile high chocolate something garnished with cherries, tiny cherries. Cherries so small, I wonder at their origin. And I knew the menu ahead of time. Hmmm.

The Fixer is forthright and a little frightening, as always. There are gems from the day that need sharing, including a reading list that us mere mortals may be able to complete in a lifetime if we get started now. There is also conversation concerning our “five,” which is fodder for another day.

So what did she share? Snippets from the day include:

“Your gift has no value until you give service to it.”

“Choose who you are. Don’t wobble.”

“I want my ever after. Now, please.”

“Don’t we know exactly what we want when we walk into a store? Why can’t we do that with our lives?”

“Do not sacrifice your personality to be something.”

“I do not have to make myself likable.”

“You are your business. Your business is you.”

“Before you take someone’s advice, look at their life in that aspect.”

“Are your ready to ignite other people?”

“Where can I be of service?”

“What are you destined to achieve?”

Just light conversation for the afternoon. That is all. Insert Miranda Priestly’s voice here.


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