Out Of The Box Again…

10:41…Twenty-four more days…

The next step on business growth journey is extending the reach of The Duchess Diaries. As with any business seated with crownexpansion new skills must be mastered, risks taken, faith polished and delivery must be all that’s promised and more. After that, deliver some more.

Oh, and jump out of the box. Again. And again. And once more for good measure. At this rate, I should be completely invincible in another week. While searching for shops, services and products to partner with The Duchess Diaries and my precious readers, I meet some amazing people with exquisite shops, products and services. Some with great customer service and some, well, not so much. Those guys get crossed off the list.

Oh, you thought partnering with the The Duchess was an easy-peasey deal? Not so fast my dolls. Are you a match for my readers? Do you know them? They are a sassy, classy, bitchy, discerning bunch. I’ve got your back girls. And guys. Don’t you hate when you recommend a place to a friend and they have a bad experience? After you make sure your friend’s not the bitch, you wonder about the place every time after that, right?

So, I am spending days flitting about malls, large and small, solid and strip, looking for who’s a match. I see some fab things out there. Did you know we have a…? Wait, what am I doing? The Fixer would shoot me dead in the head were I to give that away. What has she taught us, over and over again, about giving away our work? Suffice it to say I heard about a bridal party held here that was to die for including manis, pedis, champagne, delish dish and decor to make you faint. And the girls at the front desk couldn’t be more lovely.

Yes, there are a few places where owners are, shall we say, less than gracious? Pfft. I could be somebody important. Too bad for you I’m a girl of the big mouth variety. My shop reviewers are out there. They’re picky and finicky but also fun, flirty and they spend. They’re easy to spot. They’re the loud ones having more fun than you. Especially the YaYas. Nobody spends more than that posse. And one of them has a daughter getting married. No shop in Scottsdale is safe!

While the shopping and scouting is fun, jumping out of the box is exhilarating. You can also break your leg. One thing’s for certain. In order to leap, one must move forward. Cheers to your business growth dolls. Open the box.


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