Here’s The Scoop…

8:10 PM

So many questions about Advisor Girl’s seminar. Is it her or a bunch of other people? How do I know it’s for me? How can she master classhelp me? Why does it cost so much? What is a Master Class? Some are lobbed in my direction and some come round from behind. Here’s the scoop.

Yes, it’s a day with the witch herself, in person. Advisor Girl will spin her tales leading to your success; for a full day. Keep in mind success is more than money and different for every person. It is your whole life, not just your professional life. Yes, you will be fed. Yes, it is a small group. Yes, she will speak to you. And, yes, there will be a great deal of time for you to ask and delve and figure and plot.

A Master Class is defined as, “a class given to students of a particular discipline by an expert of that discipline.” The student is you. The discipline is you, your business, your future, your dreams and the expert is The Fixer. Don’t believe for a second you will escape her insight. No one does. Her witchy powers see secrets and painstakingly point a polished finger in the direction of what’s standing in the way of those dreams.

Go ahead. Cross your arms and dare her to see inside you or tell you something you haven’t heard before. If it’s a rah-rah session you’re after, you’ll find yourself disappointed. Raise an eyebrow daring her to turn you from doubter to believer. She is immune to your disdain. Makes no matter. She sees it all, knows it all and creeps you out a bit as she spews the knowledge, and the fix, back at you.

You’re welcome to come believing you’re the one with immunity.

Two dolls, both working with Advisor Girl, are in touch yesterday. One had her first session and says, “How does she know things? Simple, she is plain old fashioned psychic! She knew things I’ve never told anyone. She called me out on my crap and she gave me homework that I can’t even imagine doing.”

Listening as I drive; I smile. I know what’s in store. Do I commiserate or cheerlead?

“Are you doing your homework?” It’s a simple query.

“I’m afraid not to,” she adds laughing. She’s gotta go. There’s just too much to do.

Later in the evening, I encounter another of her clients. This business girl’s sessions are over. Things continue for her on a forward trajectory. Business grows and she works only with those of her choosing–those worthy of work with her. She charges more, works more efficiently and her happiness radiates. We have Grey Goose and toast how many times we’ve secretly called her a bitch.

It must be a little like spending a day with Oprah. You see greatness in the results but are exhausted just trying to keep up. You realize there are super humans roaming the earth. And you are the dinosaur.

Another cocktail in and she says a friend called to discover info about the seminar. Same questions. Why so much? How is she gonna do anything for me? It takes what she said to her friend for the words to properly formulate. “This isn’t some razzle dazzle motivational bullshit. This is pull up your damn panties and change your life. If you’re not willing to do the work, don’t go.” Better bring your A-game, she adds, laughing.

So, there you go, dolls. Show up with your A-Game. Anything less and you’ll meet the witch. Don’t worry I’ll be there to hold your hand.


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