It’s Time for Sex…

Oscar Wilde, a gadabout in the late 1800’s, famous playwright, writer and poet of the time once said, “Never love anyone whooscar-wilde-love-quote treats you like you’re ordinary.” He also said, “Women are meant to be loved, not understood,” and “How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being.”

Now that we’ve established we’re in the presence of genius, we can continue. Love quotes don’t usually turn my head. But given the man’s flamboyant dress, elegant lifestyle, witty conversation and a belief in the supremacy of the arts, I figure he’s probably one of my guys in a former life. Sigh.

The first quote is the one Advisor Girl brings as topic of the day. We’re going to contrast that with Madea’s, “I can do bad all by myself.” Where she’s going I haven’t a clue. And then there is the reveal.

It’s the reason she wants me at the sex shop. She reminds me of my responsibility with words and tells me of clients who are forgotten, who are not loved well enough and who need to find their G spot. Evidently, I’m gonna help you with this. Who knew I was so talented?

She’s serious. Today, she follows up with an article that says science is attempting to prove the G spot may not even exist. See how far some guys will go to keep from searching? Pfft. Girls who know the exact location beg to differ. So do their satisfied partners. Heads up boys; it’s worth the treasure hunt. Promise.

It’s not all their fault. True, we are a complex lot. But if we don’t discuss G-Spots, how will he ever find it? Advisor Girl explains why it’s important, as I am a little lost. It is another aspect of our lives over which we must take control. “So many women are not properly loved. We do not know how to approach sex anymore. We think it’s puffy lips and big boobs.”

The question is, in sex, or any other part of our lives, how do we treat ourselves? If we treat ourselves badly, why would someone treat us as anything other than ordinary? We can do bad all by ourselves. And it stretches further; into all our relationships, our life network, our friends network.

Are we in relationships where we are treated as if we are special? And in those relationships, are we remembering to treat others as if they are special as well? If not, better step up our game. Rid our lives of those who are not worthy of our friendship, love and time.

That doesn’t mean throw him out. Unless he’s unwilling to learn. Then, give him the boot. Treat yourself well. Be the queen. That begins with you. Be your own leader. She says the bedroom is a good place to start.

So I promise. I know I’ve been dragging my feet. This week, we go to the sex store. We take a camera and lots of notes and I tell you everything I learn. We’ll figure out how to get this fixed. We’ll get you an orgasm by Thanksgiving, dolls. You’re welcome. It’s my pleasure, so to speak.

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