She’s Got More To Say…

2:46 PM; after an hour at the pool earbud blaring Otis Redding, recalling just how much heat a song can create. Now all I want is vodka and a movie of the 40’s variety. It’s a glamour filled life, isn’t it?

Where were we? Aaaah, paused, part way through Advisor Girl’s missive. Imagine what it’s likebroomstick to sit with her in person. Small bits are easier, trust me.

“Magic journeys versus boring existence. It’s a personal choice how you want to live your life. Joyce Mayer, whom I keep in high regard for her authenticity and true service, said last year she prayed for God to give her the gift of awareness for Christmas. I can’t think of a better gift for anyone.

Once you realize ‘same old’ doesn’t exist, that it is indeed a figment of our imagination or ignorance or lack of awareness, you become aware of the constant change for greater good in which you partake.”

I know. Small bites. Are you following? She goes deep.

“When you are aware of the fact that feelings, thoughts, truth and action create your own experience; you are aware that you choose what you experience and neither ‘them’ nor ‘they’ or ‘he’ or ‘she’ is responsible for the quality of life you created. You arrive at the realization that life is indeed magic and you are the witch, good or bad, up to you. What do you want to experience? Collect the ingredients and stir together. I’d rather live in magic than in slumber.

I would quote Ralph Waldo Emerson emphasizing the same principle, ‘The soul contains the event that shall befall it, for the event is only the actualization of its thoughts and what we pray to ourselves for is always granted.’

‘The Fixer.’ An increasingly popular moniker these days. There is Fred the Fixer and, of course, Olivia Pope. Am I like them? No. I fix through and through. Maybe this is how I am different. I work at the source (of the problem) with the sorcerer (the person the problem originated from; for sorcerer only means ‘of the source’).

It is similar to fixing your recipe. The better the recipe, the better the result. In the process, my clients become better ‘chefs’ once they learn the basic ingredients, start paying attention to what they mix in their pot and take away what they don’t care to taste any longer from their life’s cauldrons.”

She closes by calling me a good witch. Whaaaa? I wanna be the bad one.


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