The Greater Good Is Just That…

10:42 PM, Reflections on a Day…

Advisor Girl says, “For those who have the gift of words, there is great responsibility.”

Today that means news of the world. With Turkey moving to authorize military force in Syria and the potential for meltdown in Dallas as a family is quarantined due to Ebola showing its face too close to home, our mood is somber.

I make fun of her being a witch, having mystical powers and such. What I leave out is that The Fixer is hooked up all over the world. Her sphere does not end at our borders. Her borders span the world. Throughout our conversation, she is buzzed and beeped by all manner of businesses across the inhabited world. Yeah, she is that good. Her knowledge leaves me feeling the bumbling kindergartner on school’s first day. I don’t even know which cubbie is mine. Part of me is ashamed.

She says, “Ignorance is no longer a choice. It has come home to roost. It is here. Everyone needs to be an advocate right now.”

An advocate of? Of health, of service to our fellow man and to the greater good around the world. We remain aware and informed. We have a responsibility,” she stresses. “Being proactive is not panic.”

We talk of the effect on markets, Turkey’s significance as a part of NATO and economies around the world. “When it is time for dialogue, we must get involved.”

Later, it is reported a freelance journalist working with NBC is being flown back to America after testing positive for Ebola. He is the fourth American to contract the disease in Liberia.

“We need to look into our integrity. We have an ethical responsibility concerning the greater good–this is at the heart of what I believe. I am faithful to these values. We need a new type of publicity; to grow up a little bit. We need to pay attention to the life of everyone around us.”

“You are one of those with voice and expression. We get so involved in our own lives. We let life happen around us. Start participating.”

So, today, my dolls, heads up. Pay attention. Find your way to participate. Make it your “Make a Difference Day.”


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