From The Witch’s Mouth…

I tell Advisor Girl my readers have questions about her. She scoffs. Later in the day I receive a missive. She emerges from her broom closet to speak for herself. Lap it up dolls.

“Dear Duchess,

It comes as a surprise how much of this blog is about me. I am not sure; should I be flattered or concerned? It is always interesting to see how others perceive you. According to your blog I can drive a stick..? I believe an emoticon would be appropriate here if I were to approve of the use of smileys in professional correspondence, but I don’t.

However I did say you should document your own journey and I see you stick to the script. Good. Oratory without action sums to a whole lot of nothing and “effective” is my jam. I see there are questions about me that you have attempted to answer but you don’t have the answers. Let’s see if I can bring some clarity, coming from the horse’s mouth and all.

Age. I will be 50 next year. I’m in excellent health, free from any acute, chronic or terminal disease and intend to stay this way. I work out every night, eat organic and have successfully eliminated, or eliminate, all stressors in my life within my ability. I obey the life principles I teach to the core and I assign my good health and energy level to my mindset and world view.

You experienced firsthand a newly found level of energy since we started working together and I am sure if you ask some of my former clients, they would attest to the same. I could say that mental clarity and a higher level of energy are common side effects of my work and a constant in my life.

The tape on your face. Yes… but it’s important. Ninety-three percent of human communication is non verbal. You scrunch your forehead by habit and not by reason. However, I doubt you make a point to explain to any new business or personal contact that you keep a perpetual state of worry on your face simply because you have grown attached to it. Successful people are not worried; they have nothing to worry about. Worry is not their modus operandi. If they have wrinkles, you won’t find them on their foreheads but around the mouth from smiling or between the eyebrows, from concentration.

Worry is a sign of insecurity, uncertainty, immaturity and anxiety. None of these are associated with success and if you display these traits on your face, chances are people won’t trust your ability to (fill in the blank) since obviously, it’s written on your forehead, literally. Your question or doubt or worry is right there.

I refuse to overlook the teeny, tiny but ever important detail of what your body language says about you for it is the small stones than turn the car. So, tape back on. I will bring spare.”

You know there’s more. It’s better to take The Fixer’s advice, be it in person or prose, in easily digestible bits. Stay tuned…


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