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Smart Crush…

Does anyone else have a little crush on Dr. Fauci? Smart guys are my kryptonite. Deduce the origins of time or wax poetic on the combustion engine and the financial markets and I feel all tingly.

In high school, my mother told her friend that my boyfriend was not very attractive. Ah, but he was all science-y. Under those glasses were the sparkliest of blue eyes which led to a lifetime of blue eyed knee-weakening. He also knew the romantic poets, could recite Keats and Shelley. My lot in life was set. I like geeky smart guys. And aging rockers, go figure.

The Norwegian would protest-but he was pretty geeky. He shook our children from their beds to witness planets passing over and schooled them all as to the speeds of light and sound at the dinner table. Early in our marriage he recognized my inability to fall asleep and asked how he could help. I asked him to explain electricity and found the ticket to a good night’s slumber. Good natured boy, he always complied. The blue eyes were frosting.

Smarts and blue eyes brings us to another hottie. Can you say Dr. Fauci? Yes, siree, ladies–the eyes are blue. Combined with his facial expressions when a buffoon president says ingesting disinfectant might help, he’s absolutely crush-worthy. Fauci’s smarts bring all the girls to the yard.

Those in the know try to explain it away. We, as a nation, are in a crisis and during crisis time, we look to authority and in authority, form crushes. Internet, you can explain it away any way you like, some girls just like smart guys.

As Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the title alone could do it but mix in the soothing voice, the crossed arms when the president speaks and putting the temple of his glasses in his mouth when he ponders. Sprinkle in the fact that he’s been married to his wife, Christine, since 1984, indicating good guy status and the crush is not only worthy, it’s probably been a problem for poor Christine for over 30 years.

You know she has to go first in a crowd, slapping away the hands of cheering girls, giving the stink eye to any who dares go too far. I feel ya’ Christine. But I still think your husband is a prize catch.

Need more proof? The guy is 79-years-old and runs every day despite a harrowing work schedule. He was at the forefront of HIV and AIDS research. Former President George H.W. Bush called him one of his heroes. Do we even need to talk Coronavirus? When this man says mask up, I reach for my cover and wear it while watching him on tv. When he says stay home, I pull Skittish Tabby closer and say nay-nay to outside friend requests. And when his mouth twitches as he stands behind the president, I know what’s true and what’s not. He’s not only super doctor, but a human lie detector as well.

Some girls don’t get our heads turned easily. Smart guys with blue eyes are few and far between. And this one has the decency to wear a suit every day? Game over.

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