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Her Favorite Season Is Football…

Nothing on earth is as sweet as a Duchess Doll. They send over all manner of funny, interesting, goofy and unbelievable stuff. One of the faves sends a message:

“These lyrics are so great; IDK if you like country music, but this song immediately made me think of you.” Whaaaa? Doll has sent me music. She knows me better than she thinks. I listen to the song and reply.

“OMG-now I am bawling! You are the sweetest. Her favorite season is football!! Roll Tide y’all. Thanks for sending–love, love. BTW–country is my fave. Made my day girlfriend.”

She replies, “I know…I haven’t walked your walk and not like we’re BFFs but this just struck such a chord with me, too! Hope you don’t mind that I forwarded…that football season part just had your name all over it.”

Kinda restores your faith in humanity, non? So, what’s the song? It’s Walker Hayes newest release, Don’t Let Her. Of course, I research like a banshee to get the back story. He’s touring with Old Dominion (don’t get me started) and he’s been gone a long time. He’s missing his wife. He starts writing down little things about her–things that make her special to him. In his mind, he’s thinking if he were to tell someone about her, this is what they would need to know. And then, cue Twilight Zone music, he hears a phrase, “if she ever misses me.” Birth of a song.

As good as, You Broke Up With Me? when he anthemed how she’s sorry now with: “You’re forgettin’ girl you made your bed and didn’t want me in it.” Mic drop.

He turns the words into advice to another man if something ever happened to him and his wife, Laney, were alone. Thing like:

“She always said she would never fall in love again.” Check

“Home is her favorite restaurant.” Check again.

“Watch your mouth and your grammar.” Okay this is spooky.

And the topper: “Her favorite season is football.” Again, can I get a Roll Tide?!?!

Not once in the seven years since The Norwegian passed have I thought he might want me to move on. Mostly because I would haunt the wicked ass of any wench that went after him if I were dead. So there’s that. Of course the song made me cry. Animals and words–the only things that touch my blackened soul.

I have pondered since: Would he want me to move along? Date like a wild woman? Marry? My overwhelming response is still, “Nah.” But the song did give me food for thought.

And another thought. You never know when others are thinking of you. Remember that next time you’re burying a spoon into some coffee flavored Haagen-Dazs watching The Notebook alone for the 23,682nd time.

Oh, and the Walker Hayes songs. Here they are. You’re welcome.

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