Donuts Feed The Soul…

Saturday was National Donut Day. At long last, a day to honor a food deserving of accolade. Can you say Krispy Kreme?

Much commentary is devoted to the little fried orb of goodness including, “in your face sweetness and all you taste is grease and sugar.” Is there a problem with that? If a donut is not a greasy, sugary, in your face concoction, what exactly is it? A heart healthy delicacy it will never be, and thank Sweet Baby Jesus, it doesn’t even try.

Need proof? Take a look at these real donuts from across this great land capable of making any food outrageous.

Bacon Maple…um, yum
Foie Gras and Jam…um, not so yum
Chocolate Frosting, Crushed Oreos and Peanut Butter…my teeth hurt
Captain Crunch…flashback to Saturday morning cartoons, non?
Pineapple Basil…interesting?
Cream Cheese and Canadian Bacon…betting this is a winner
Black Licorice…yikes
Various Cheeses…how about no?

Whatever your personal taste, there are legitimate reasons for the popularity of the fried circles of delish, with or without ice cream.

Have you ever seen someone who works in a donut shop without a smile? You haven’t. Because they are surrounded by sugar all day. That’s why.

They are the ultimate carb-loader for those of you who do not card load on the reg like the rest of us chicks.

They’re cheap.

They’ve become wedding staples…on a stick…like fourth meal. And after all that dancing, they’re a welcome sight.

They mate well with coffee. Be still my beating heart. Coffee and a donut. Can I go back to bed now?

“But the calories and fat,” cry all the girls from The Dale with fake boobs and impossibly small waists. The average donut has between 200 and 300 calories, a boatload of saturated fat, sugar and fatty acids. So spend another hour at the gym. You practically live there anyway.

As for the rest of us, we’ll be at the donut shop saying hey to all our friends, smiles on our faces, frosting on our chins, coffee in hand and happy tummies.

Does the gym give back that much to your soul? I think not.


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