Cold Weather Cars…

Our fave car guy, Big Al Heggs helps us with all aspects of car maintenance, buying, selling and throws in some philanthropy for good measure. He has advice for those suffering with cold car problems. Here on the surface of the sun, we’ve donned our coats–fashionable of course ‘cuz it’s not so cold we’ve given up completely. But we are a little gripe-y about our cold spell.

Alas, there are friends still clinging to living in the Hinterland. The big guy is giving out free info for dealing with your car and the cold.

Belts–they’re squiggly things under the hood that make things move about under there. In older cars, especially, these belts can get so cold they break or they get so freez-y they can’t bend and function properly. Getting a “winter check up” before the winter can head off the problem. Already broken? Sorry. Next time you’re in for an oil change (free if you buy your car at Heggs Auto) ask them to take a look.

Windshield Problems
Did you know your windshield can freeze on the inside? Are you listening in Flagstaff? It happens when your defroster doesn’t work and you breathe inside your car creating condensation. If you like to breathe while driving, have your guy check the defroster is in working order before the snow falls and the temps plummet.

There’s also those wiper blades. As a girl who actually changed her own, in a dress and heels, I can assure you it can be done. Replace them more often if you live in a place with snow, ice, cold rain, and sleet. Although why you would live there is beyond reason, replace your blades more often. They even make them for harsh climates. You can feel superior come summer, when we have to replace them ‘cuz they’re melting.

Did you know cold makes your tires become underinflated? I have a fussy car, so my tire pressure light goes on at the slightest weather change. Check that indicator frequently. It’s also handy to know your PSI (you’re impressed now aren’t you?) so you can do it yourself if you must. Another you can do this in heels if the need is urgent.

Dead Battery
Again, a weather upside down problem. On the surface of the sun, our batteries die in the summer. Hinterland dwellers dread that vroom-vroom-cough that comes with a struggling battery and no mittens. If it’s really frigid where you live, you can purchase a battery warmer. Recommendation on batteries in general–older than three years, replace. There is also a self jumping thing stored in this girl’s trunk. Who has time to wait for just the right gentleman to come along for a jump? It comes with instructions. Call me–I’ll set you up.

Don’t forgets: Antifreeze, change the oil frequently with a synthetic blend, and keep your tank half full to keep ice from forming in the fuel line.

Need help? Easy Peasey. Call Heggs Auto. They can get you inflated, wipered and running in top form. Give them a call or visit the website for more info. Tell them The Duchess sent you. Reach out 480-830-8001 or online here.

1 thought on “Cold Weather Cars…”

  1. When I moved to AZ from MT, I had a “headbolt heater” in my car. Peeps asked me, “What is that cord hanging from the front of your car?” Yes, it is a heater that you plug in to keep your motorblock from cracking due to sub-zero temperatures and ensure that the oil in your car is warm enough to let your car start in the morning so you can get to work. Arizona natives have no idea.


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