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Stockings For Fun…

Who doesn’t love a face mask, nail polish or great foundation settling into the bottom of a stocking by the fire? A string of perfectly hued gifts from mollusk insides is a fine choice. As is a certificate for a fave hot stone massage. While these goodies elicit squees–what about laughs? This year why not fill the stockings of loved ones with guffaws. Need some help?

Hedgehog Dyer balls. Yep, they’re a thing. Pop them in the dryer. The spines soften and fluff your stuff. And they’re only $4.99 on Amazon.

Bread lovers unite. While there is nothing better than perfect crusty bread, crumbs and bits tell the tale of gluttony. They never stay on the plate, making you look like Bread Shrek. Hide the evidence with a Cordless Animal Table Top Vacuum. Simply pull out a pig, cow or ladybug and let them crawl about the table munching crumbs. You know someone who needs this.

Safari Animal Butt Magnets are a must. Just the back ends, with tails, of safari animals hold notes, papers and coveted drawings securely on the fridge. There’s also cat butts if you’re so inclined.

A sloth tea infuser hangs on the edge of a mug. The little face looks how you feel at 6 a.m. Bonding with this little buddy first thing in the morning or nodding off sipping chamomile will leave them thinking of you.

Are your loves traveling this season? Show them you really care with a Carry On Cocktail Set. Each one, pick your poison, contains everything needed for two cocktails mid-flight. Can you say rose all day?

Speaking of rose…give them rose gummy bears. The day is long. Might as well enjoy it. Someone needs a TRex Wine Pourer. A dear friend once told a newly single girl, “Don’t ever date a man who doesn’t drink dark liquor.” Keep that one tucked in your pocket and add a frozen ice ball maker to his stocking.

For the music lover who likes to share, how about a 5-way headphone splitter? Keeps us from sharing ear yuk, non?

Your favorite hottie needs a 6-pack mini Tabasco sauce so they can whip out a little heat on the run.

For more Christmas morning fun why not an inflatable unicorn hat for a cat, mini crime scene tape, bacon bandaids, crazy cat lady action figures, Shakespearian insult bandages, or a public toilet survival kit.

Don’t forget the asshats in your life. You can get a lump of coal in a famous blue box with that lovely white bow. Last laugh, non?

Merry, merry.


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